Amartya Singh

My name is Amartya Singh and I have seen the earth orbit the sun 15 times. I am currently living in Brazil but have also lived in India for 9 years. I play the guitar and taught myself to play the piano and the drums. I speak four languages and enjoy reading, listening to music and playing basketball in my free time. I have joined the newspaper club as an assistant to the communications director as I will assume the position the following year and I wish to learn how to perform this position well. 

Ana Helena Castro

Hey! I’m Ana and I’m a Junior. I love drawing, animation and Broadway musicals. Drawing is something I've been doing since forever and I absolutely love it. Recently I have become more open to share my opinions with other people, so I hope to contribute to the club with cool opinion articles about topics I like and maybe sprinkle some of my artwork for people to see.


And remember kids: reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram. Buy gold!

Beatriz Brandão

Communications Director

Hi!! I’m Beatriz but you can call me Bia or Bibia (as Marcela does hahah). This is my second year at the school and I’m really happy to be part of the community. I’m currently a senior at EABH and I’m extremely excited about my last year here. The newspaper is a fun way for students to share their ideas, interests and develop their creativity. Personally, the Daily Hawk has helped me improve communication and media skills as well as to learn more about the EABH community. I’ll be happy to help you if you’re interested in joining the club! 

Beatriz Fonseca

Hi! My name is Beatriz, I have been in EABH for about one year now and am currently in ninth grade. I was born in Brasilia but moved to Belo Horizonte one year ago. I am extremely passionate about reading and writing and I believe that this club will help me in the further development of both of these skills. In my opinion, the newspaper serves as an influential and significant tool that assists many students in their self-expression and also consists of a source of inspiration, motivation, and knowledge concerning the school’s events. I’m very happy to be part of this group and can’t wait to contribute to the creation of The Daily Hawk!

Caio Bezerra

My name is Caio Bezerra, I am a senior, and I will  contribute to the newspaper with photo editing, graphic design, spreading awareness and overall aesthetics. I love animals, magic, hypnosis, rock climbing, and almost everything out of the usual.

Caio Kleinpaul--

Deputy Writing Director

Hello! I am Caio Kleinpaul and I am very shy; this means that it is very hard to write about myself but I hope that the newspaper helps me with this. I love general knowledge and culture (especially German), cars, food, music and so on… I intend to write opinion articles about politics,culture, travel, gastronomy and even maybe write poems. I also have strong opinions and hope to transmit them through the Daily Hawk, convincing my readers about it and preferentially making it somehow funny.

Carlos Eduardo Pinto

Director of Web Design

Greetings! My name is Carlos Pinto and I’m currently a junior. I’ve studied at EABH for more than 10 years and the need for informing its loving community has driven me to take part in the Daily Hawk.

Charlie Mason

I’m Charlie, welcome to my bio!

My primary passions include traveling, reading, writing, listening to music, watching films, wishing I was born decades ago, drinking water, and learning!

However, I am interested in almost everything, so I aspire to produce lots of content of all kinds :)

The Daily Hawk is an incredible and wide ranging outlet, and I am very honored to be a part of such a dynamic and lively group, where only Hawks dare!

Daniel Souza

Hi, my name is Daniel Rodrigues de Souza, 17, and I’m a senior. The reason I decided to join The Daily Hawk is because I wanted to be more engaged with the community and be a part of the school’s environment in as many ways as possible, and one of these opportunities appeared as joining this club. I think that my biggest contribution to it will be with sports pieces, as I’m part of SALC -The Student Athletic Leadership Committee-, leading me to always be very active in the Hawks’ community, allowing me to have easy access to different information and updates about it.

Isabela Padilha

Writing Director

Hey! I’m Isabela Padilha, currently a senior at EABH. I am passionate about music, animals and last but not least... writing! Writing has always been a tool for me to express myself and understand better the world around me, then I take every opportunity I have to do so with great pleasure :) I will be responsible mostly for the writing session of the Daily Hawk and I can’t wait to share my ideas and hear other student’s voices as well!

Isabelle Miserani

HI! I’m Isabelle and I’m currently a senior. I love sports in general, but my passion is tennis. I have been in this school for 3 years. I always try to be active in the community and I think this club is a good way to get the school more involved with current events at the school and current issues.

Josh Durchfort

Hello everyone, my name is Joshua Durchfort, I am in 7th grade, and I am the comic strip writer of the Daily Hawk. I wanted to be part of the newspaper because I thought that it would be a good experiment to make, and since two years ago I loved to make comic strips so that’s why I wanted to do comic strips.

Júlia Gonçalves
Deputy Director of Web Design

Hi! My name is Júlia, I am a Brazilian in twelfth grade that loves sports and animals. I have been at EABH for one year and I am now a web-designer for the newspaper.

Lorena Ragonesi


Hello people! I am a senior that loves to be a part of everything. I love to play sports (especially volleyball), to dance, to do yoga and to understand how our mind works. I was a part of the creation of The Daily Hawk last year and my goal this year is to maintain the organization of the club since I am the Secretary, help Marcela and other members whenever and whatever they need, and sometimes post some texts about interesting stuff and people :)

Luca Moreira

Hi! I’m Brazilian-Italian. I have been at EABH for 10 years. I love playing tennis and basketball. I am currently a photographer and web designer of the Daily Hawk, I am willing to contribute in the best possible manner. For me, the newspaper represents the voice of the school.

Marcela Ortiz

Editor in Chief / Creative Director

Hey! I am a Senior that loves Jesus and hugs. I am Mexican, which is a blessing because of the food. I am the current organizer of the newspaper club, and majorly contribute to it. I co-created this club (with our dear advisor, Ms. Elizabeth) since I am extremely passionate of self-expression in varied forms. EABH is a place filled with wonderful students who have great opinions, stories, curiosities, ideas, art, and so much more. I want to showcase all of these wonderful things. I believe each and every one of you have something powerful to share. You are amazing! Yes, whoever is reading this, go and ask me for a hug please, thank you.

PS. I always have time for you, if you ever need me do not hesitate to talk to me, or email me. You matter.

Mariana Guimaraes

Hello! My name is Mariana, i'm currently in 6th grade and I have been in this school for 2 years. I'm part of the newspaper because I enjoy writing and sharing my opinions and thoughts. Also, I want to be more involved in the EABH community. 

Mary Dempsey

Hi everyone! I’m Kate. You can call me Kate, Mary, Mary Kate, Mary Kathryn, KD, Katie, or just about anything you want, and I’ll answer! I was born in Brazil but I have American parents. I love people, chocolate milk, and card/board games. I’ve been in the school since the 1st Grade and I’m so happy to be part of the Newspaper Club and I can’t wait to make you guys laugh, cry, and be inspired by the stories of our school. You may know my mom, she might even be your English teacher. She’s the one who inspires me to do what I love and be creative (shoutout to Ms. Kristy). My motto in life is, “I work through the fear until it’s just not scary anymore,” from Free Solo, and I always try to take risks so that I’ll keep growing. That is my challenge to you. Take risks. Keep growing. Go ahead, I dare you.

Rafael Lazzarotto

Media Director

Hi! My name is Rafael Borges Lazzarotto, but everyone calls me Lazza or Lazzarotto, I'm 17 years old and I love movies and games. I'm going to be a film director in the future and I really want to study film in the USA. In the newspaper I would like to write about movies such as tips to watch, personal movie reviews, and more. 

Pedro Schiavo

Hello, everybody! My name is Pedro Mourão Schiavo and I have just recently entered the Daily Hawk EABH! I am a seventh-grader in the American School of Belo Horizonte. I was born here, Belo Horizonte and I've been in this awesome school for four long years! I entered the Daily Hawk because I have a mission to inform everybody about some critical topics that have newly occurred, write many articles, have fun, make new friends, and of course, to make our community good place for all! I am very happy to enter the Daily Hawk since I feel it is going to make a big difference in my life! Also, my favorite hobbies are playing basketball, soccer, watching TV series, movies, Netflix, writing, cheering for Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, being with family, reading news, going to school, eating junk food, playing on the phone, playing videogames with my brother and many more!

Philippine Dejean

Hello! My name is Philippine and I am a 6th grader. I am French and I have been in EABH for two years now. I really like to cook, draw, and read. I think that reading helps me understand new things and it helps me learn new vocabulary. Cooking helps me with my math because I need to measure a lot of things. Drawing helps me to express myself. Before living in Brazil I lived in Belgium, in Italy, and in India. I visited a few places like the Philippines, Egypt, New York, and Germany. I think that the newspaper will help me to understand a lot of things by allowing me to study a lot of topics and, lastly,  it is going to help me get to know new people. 

Stephanie Vasconcellos

Hi, I’m Stephanie Vasconcellos, I love Netflix, music, animals, superheroes, and traveling.  I decided to join the newspaper club to improve my writing skills and to become a more active part of the EABH Community.  

Taveon Malnack  

I’m a Junior from Fallon, Nevada, in the US. I like puzzles, riddles, and video games. I am in charge of the puzzles in the Daily Hawk. I enjoy relaxing, eating, and sleeping. I joined the Daily Hawk so I can work in a good community, and to experience a part in a large team.

Valentina Ballesteros 

“She is not afraid to speak her mind, whether it be through her art, poetry, acting, or just simply: by saying it." - Marcela Ortiz


I honestly think that that phrase does not only describe my IB profile, which is (if you haven’t guessed) communicator, but it also describes almost all of my hobbies and, of course, my personality. I’m going to be responsible for the poetry section that’s on the journal. If you do read it, while you are doing so , I truly hope it makes you guys feel as good, as relieved, a as represented as I feel writing them.

Zeinner de Paula

Hello ladies and gents. My name is Zeinner, but people call me Zeinner. I am an artist by heart and a science enthusiast. I combine these two worlds with paleoart, which is the scientific illustration of prehistoric life (aka: I draw cool dinos n stuff). I am very fascinated by the mysterious and want to bring this awe to the world. I also greatly enjoy fantasy and speculative biology, eventually delving into SCP files, alien life, designing entire fictional worlds, cryptozoology. I am also a D&D player, from which my series of short stories “Son of Aurum” originated.

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