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Agastya Singh

Hello, my name is Agastya Singh and I am currently in 6th Grade. This is my first year being in MYP after being in Brazil for 7 years. I was born in India but have been raised in Brazil since a little baby. I have always since a little child set high goals for myself and one of these goals was to do as many extracurricular activities. This year, I had a goal to get into the Daily Hawk, and well, here I am. I am hoping to write articles and improve the Daily Hawk as much as I can.  Even though I do like writing articles, I do have my other share of likes and dislikes. I like to play soccer and video games but I also do not like chocolate and insects.

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Alice Castro

Hi name is Alice Castro, I'm a 11th grader and this is my first year in The Daily Hawk, and I look forward to this new experience and working together with everyone even though we are far from each other!



Alícia Ferreira

My name is Alicia Ferreira, I'm 16 and I'm currently in grade 11. I'm from BH, where I was born and have lived my whole life. I'm at The Daily Hawk because I want to major in Journalism, so naturally it is a club that interests me and offers me a great experience in this field. My job here is to write, in the hope to get better at this and to also bring you, readers, a bit of information on various subjects. I like to listen to music, play soccer, watch movies and TV shows, and hang out with my friends and family. I don't really like reading big, serious, boring texts so I'll do my best to make my writing the most fun and interesting as possible. I hope you enjoy our paper and, if any of this interests you, come join us and be a part of the Daily Hawk team!

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G11 - Editor in Chief

Beatriz Cicci

Hey! My name is Beatriz and I’m currently a junior. I’m from Brasilia but moved to Belo Horizonte nearly three years ago and joined EABH around the same time. I’m extremely passionate about literature, creative writing, and social studies, and will contribute to the newspaper by mainly incorporating these three passions into articles and stories. I’mvery excited to be the Editor-in-Chief for the Daily Hawk this and can’t wait to share/implement my ideas and learn from my teammates as well!



Bruna Cabizuca

Hey! My name is Bruna and I’m currently a Junior and this is my second year at EABH. My very first year here was 100% online so I’m really excited and looking forward to meeting new people and making more friends here in the school. I love dancing, literature, tv shows, and almost everything related to arts and creativity. I believe that one of my greatest strengths is writing, however, here in the Daily Hawk, I intend to explore new skills and try new things along with my teammates. I’m so thrilled to be a part of this amazing club with such great people! I hope you’ll enjoy my work and contributions to this newspaper. See you later!!!

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G12 - Creative Director

Charlie Mason

I’m Charlie, the Co-Content Director, welcome to my bio! My primary passions include traveling, reading, writing, listening to music, watching films, drinking water, and learning! However, I am interested in everything, so I aspire to produce lots of content of all kinds :) The Daily Hawk is an incredible and wide ranging outlet, and I am very honored to be a part of such a dynamic and lively club, where only Hawks dare!



Cecilia Fonseca

Hey!! I am Cecilia Fonseca (you can also call me Cissa), I am a 9th grader and recently joined The Daily Hawk. I was born in Brasilia and have now been in school for 3 years (since 6th grade). Some of my hobbies are watching series and hanging out with my friends. My goal in The Daily Hawk is to improve my writing skills and grow as a student, and member of the club. I hope I can contribute positively so that The Daily Hawk can be even better!



Celeste Mazoni

Hi! My name is Celeste Mazoni, I am 11 years old and currently in 6th Grade. I'm from Brazil, Belo Horizonte, and I'm new on the Daily Hawk! I'm here because I love writing and expressing my opinion and what I'm thinking! I hope to write stories, texts, and what is happening in the world! I like to watch movies/series, read, eat, travel and I love talking! I hope to have a great year on the Daily Hawk!!



Daniel Maurício

Hello, my name is Daniel Mauricio. I am from Portugal/brazil. I have studied at EABH for almost 10 years now! I am extremely passionate about learning about new cultures, experiences, and traveling as well. I am really looking forward to being part of The Daily Hawk as I am sure I will be contributing to the entertainment section of the newspaper. 

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Eduardo Costa Bonato

My name is Eduardo Costa Bonato and I'm currently in 10th grade. I'm Brazilian and I have lived here in Belo Horizonte since I was born. I have studied here in EABH since I was 5 years old and I have been learning English since I was three. I joined the daily hawk because I want to improve my writing skills and because I want to be involved in more community activities. I'm going to be writing informative articles about interesting situations happening in Brazil. I like playing soccer, I play as a goalkeeper in PSG academy, I like airplanes (especially jets) and I actually know multiple facts about them. I really enjoy watching race competitions and soon I'll like to do a cart race with my friends. I don't like volleyball or eating vegetables, I prefer fruits. I like playing basketball, but I'm not good at it. I really like playing video games in my spare time, I'm an admin in a Video game server, and I also ride my bike. I consider both of these things my hobbies.



Grabriella Rosa Araujo


My name is Gabriella (call me Gabi if you’d like:)

I am Brazilian but I have lived in London and this is my first year at EABH. I am a sixth-grader and I love music, drama, fashion, reading/literature, editing, and writing which is probably the main reason I joined the daily hawk. I have been to 5 different schools and this is the first time I have been to a newspaper. I was actually meant to go to The Laurels secondary school, in southeast London, but I unexpectedly moved back to Brazil. I would like to either be a fashion designer/stylist/fashion brand manager, criminal lawyer, or writer (mainly fiction) when I’m older

My favorite subjects are drama and English and I hope to gain a lot from the daily hawk:) 

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G11 - Co-Content Director

Giovanna Nebias Alvarenga

Hi! My name is Giovanna and I'm currently in 11th grade. I'm from Bahia, but also lived in São Paulo, Barcelona, and now, in Belo Horizonte. I've decided to join the club due to my love for poetry and the belief that The daily Hawk will help me improve my writing skills. I'm very excited to be a part of the team!



Gustavo Ribeiro

Hello, my name is Gustavo and I am 11 years old, I am in 6th grade, and I live in Nova Lima. I came to the daily hawk because I love typing, and I want to be better than my sister. The first step is doing the daily hawk, which she didn't do. I would like to write about anything that I find interesting and want to share.

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Henrique Melo

My name is Henrique and I’m 12 years old. I like watching movies, playing video games, reading and playing sports. Right now I don’t have a special position, but I’m in charge of coming up with an idea for the Easter Egg Hunts.


G10 - Secretary

Isa Taranto

Hi everyone! My name is Isa, I'm a sophomore and one of this year’s co-content directors. This will be my second year both at EABH and being a member of the Daily Hawk, and I’m very excited to continue to write and contribute to the newspaper. I am very passionate about reading, writing, traveling, and subjects such as socio-political issues, the environment, and entertainment. I hope we have a great year, and if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out! :)

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Isabella Margalith

My name is Isabella Margalith, I am 11 years old and I am in Grade 6. I am from Brazil, born in Belo Horizonte. I am on The Daily Hawk because I love to write and really want to contribute and make part of the EABH journal! I hope to write some texts, articles, fun facts and other things. I like to read, watch movies, series, and crochet. 

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G11 - Website Editor

João Antônio Gomes

Hey! I'm João Antônio and I'm a junior at EABH. I'm from Rio de Janeiro, and my passions include history, music, philosophy, photography, and movies. So, expect me to talk about random curiosities and other things no one but I would care about. It's a privilege to be part of this awesome club. See you around!

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Joshua Durchfort

Hello! My name is Joshua Durchfort and I am very excited to be participating in the daily hawk this year! I am a freshman and I will be writing for the daily hawk. Some stuff that I enjoy doing are: Drawing, exercising, playing games and more!

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Luiza Morais

I'm Luiza Morais, a 9th grader, and now, a member of the EABH newspaper. I'm Brazilian and I've lived here for my entire life. I'm in EABH since 2018 when I was in 7th grade. Some of my hobbies are doing puzzles and roller skating, and my favorite subjects are math and science. Being part of The Daily Hawk will make me grow as a person, student, and part of the EABH community. It will be an awesome experience.

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G10  - Web Director

Luiza Ribeiro

Hi! My name is Luiza Ribeiro, I am currently a sophomore and I'm also the Daily Hawk's Web director. I was born in Brazil and have been in this school since first grade, but moved to Florida in the following year. I love piano, volleyball, programming, and especially writing. I hope I can contribute to the club with some of my articles about music, interesting facts, events, and pretty much anything that interests me. 



Luiza Rodarte

My name is Luisa, I'm 14 and I am in 9th grade!
I'm from Belo Horizonte. I'm in EABH because I want to study outside of the country, and I think that studying at EABH could help me with that!

I like to draw, dance, sing, hang out with my friends, hang out with my family, do sports, etc!

I don't like to be grounded, to fight with my friends, to be tired, etc.



Manuella Andrade

I wanted to be in the newspaper because I consider myself a good writer and I want to improve my writing in English. I want to write.

I think my hobby is singing but I don’t like to sing to more than 1 person.



Maria Fernanda Gibbon

Hey! My name is Maria Fernanda Gibbon and I am currently a junior, and this is my first year in the Daily Hawk. I’m from Rio but I have lived in BH for over 4 years now and plan to share many many stories with you! Some of my passions include music, traveling, movies, and learning!

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Sarah del Prado

My name is Sarah del Prado, I’m 17 years old, and I’m a Junior. I have a Brazilian, American, Puerto Rican, and Cuban background, however, I was born and raised here in Brazil. I joined the Daily Hawk because I wanted to be more part of the community and do something different that I was not used to, and so far, I’ve been really enjoying being a part of the Daily Hawk. I am the newspaper’s secretary, who is in charge of taking attendance, reaching out to students, and taking notes of the meetings. I also, obviously write my parts every month for the newspaper. I enjoy spending time with my friends and learning new things that truly interest me. I also like keeping my body active and healthy (for the most part).



Tatiana Chen

Heyy, I’m Tati, this is my first year as both a high school student and a Daily Hawk member. I’m a music kid, I enjoy playing guitar, bass, and piano while also dancing. Reading and writing nonfiction topics is something I love doing in my free time which really makes me look forward to participating in this club!

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Vitor Szuster

Hi, my name is Vitor Szuster and I am 14. I study in grade 9 and it is my first year at EABH. I’m from Belo Horizonte and have always lived here. I am a tennis player and I am very interested in technology. I joined the Daily Hawk group because I have seen this in movies and other schools and thought it would be nice participating in one. I will be mostly writing and finding fun games for the newspaper.

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