Dear EABH, 


Shockingly enough, the school year is almost ending, and it is always a very bittersweet time. We are very close to our long and well-deserved break, but we will also have to say goodbye to some amazing Hawks who have significantly contributed to our school, and will continue to contribute to the world beyond EABH: our seors. Before entering this new phase of their lives, however, many of the seniors, and the ones to come, will have to prepare for something intimidating: college. And if you want to go to college, you have to be well prepared; which is why I gathered and synthesized 5 pieces of advices for college admissions!



Something important to start off is by taking harder classes (such as AP or honors) that demonstrate your interest in a subject and indicate that you're willing to challenge yourself. Not only will this expand your knowledge and allow you to gain more in-depth knowledge , but it will also develop skills such as note-taking, writing, critical thinking and time management; skills that not only colleges will appreciate, but skills that will help you throughout your academic career and professional life.



Getting involved in extracurricular activities is a key step that will further your skills, going beyond academic realms: teamwork, public speaking, creativity, and leadership are all skills you can gain once applying for an outside activity. You should first look for something that you're interested in, or might foster an interest in. It is important to keep in mind that you should not try every sport or music club out there as it can overwhelm you. You should, however, select two or three that exemplify your passion for certain topics and that allow you to invest in it by applying for leadership positions.


It's important to keep track of everything you do in high schoool, including extracurricular activities, awards, honors, leadership roles, part-time jobs, internships, community service hours, or anything else that you think is important to take note of. This is important to have because many colleges will require a list of your activities  when you apply, and it can be difficult to remember all of your accomplishments without an aide. As the Chinese proverb says, “your memory is only as good as the paper you write it on.”


This step should not be only done for the sole purpose of getting into a good college (none of these steps should, actually), but it should also be something for you to continue throughout your entire life: community service. Being active in your community is extremely important because it will not only be beneficial to you, as you can develop your knowledge on activities of a global significance, your own strengths and areas for growth, working collaboratively with others, and many more, but you will also be providing awareness for causes and a creating a positive impact on many people around you.


Try visiting some college campuses before your senior year by contacting EABH alumni who have or are studying at the universities you are interested in. If it’s not possible when the campus is active, summer break (or winter in Brazil), is also a great time to visit. To get the most out of these visits, you should always take notes on important things you learn about that college. You could visit the Office Finance Aid, if you have any doubts about the price of the college.ou could also prioritize and only visit the classes you're interested in. ake sure you walk around the entire campus, and if the opportunity arises, make sure to ask students and guides questions. Also, if physically visiting isn’t possible, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many schools have created virtual campus tours online that you can also check out!

There you have it! College preparation tips that will be great to keep in mind during your high school career. Good luck!