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**This includes cases that have tested positive in government approved labs, but have not yet been confirmed by the federal government (Ministério da Saúde).

**Incluindo casos que deram resultados positivos em laboratórios aprovados pelo governo, mas que ainda não foram confirmados pelo Ministério da Saúde.



Cases in Brazil/Casos No Brasil: 

As of  March 30th, there are  4.661 confirmed cases in Brazil, located in the following areas**:

Até o dia 30 de março, foram registrados 4.661 casos no Brasil, distribuídos nos seguintes Estados**:

**This page will be updated daily to provide the newest information.**


Note: This is a fluid situation where information is changing by the hour, so our page will not always be 100% up to date, but we will strive to give our EABH community the best information possible.

Your Coronavirus Questions: Answered

Suas Perguntas: Respondidas


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