The Global Issues Network (GIN) continues to enable students to propose, develop, and cultivate service projects in a variety of forms. The group continued Project Valentina and have trained a new group of students on how to design, print, and construct prosthetic hands for children. This year they created two hands; both for people in Rio de Janeiro who had lost their arm. One for a father who had to have his arm removed during surgery and the other for a dental student who was born without an arm. They have now built prosthetic hands for 5 different people throughout South America. In recognition of their work, the group was awarded the AASSA Global Citizens Award, which is given to students who have made extraordinary contributions to help change the lives of others. With the help of the PTA, some of the students traveled to Lima, Peru to participate in the annual GIN conference and presented their work to other schools, some of which have adopted Project Valentina at their own schools. In addition to these efforts, GIN is working to develop more green spaces at school, host a local GIN conference for schools in Belo Horizonte, and look for ways to utilize 3D-printing in children's hospitals.

Presidents: Carol M (G12) and Camila P. (G11)

Secretary: Henrique V. (G12)

Reporter: Stephanie V. (G12)

Treasurer: Amartya S. (G11)

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