Ever wanted to know your GPA? Now you can calculate it on your own and track your academic progress, and set goals! 

Using the tool below, simply enter the letter grade in the "Grade" column for each class you have taken, and the calculator does the rest! 

Interested in knowing your GPA for each year? Simply go to the tab for the year you wish to check, and add the full course name of any online classes (like K-12) you have taken. For example, if you took "AP Psych" in 10th grade, you may enter the name in the appropriate column, enter the grade you received from the course, and the calculator will add it to your GPA.


This is intended to be a formative tool for you to be able to understand your GPA, what colleges might be in your range, and understand how different grades impact your GPA for future goal-setting. 

**Note: This tool is far easier to use on a computer than in mobile version due to the size of screens.**

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GPA Calculator

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