Knowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl can seem like a boring activity for those unfamiliar with it, but it is truly one of the most exciting activities available at EABH. The surge of adrenaline and endorphins released by your body when you notice you know the answer to a question is a thrill that is unparalleled, and unique. Recently, EABH hosted its second Intramural Knowledge Bowl Tournament, with the team composed by Carlos, Artur, Caio B., and former student Ariana coming in first place.

Questions in Knowledge Bowl range from historic events, to literature, to mathematics. Students normally have 10 seconds to answer a question after it has been asked, but math questions involving calculations tend to have an extended  time of 30 seconds. For every “toss-up” question (worth 2 points) a team gets right, it receives a bonus question, which normally involves three different responses, and is worth 3 points. No points are deducted for incorrect or incomplete responses to bonus questions, but 1 point is removed for every toss-up question incorrectly answered.

The next edition of the EABH Intramural Knowledge Bowl Tournament will start to take place in October.


If you would like to get involved in this amazing activity, please talk to Carlos Pinto (G11).

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