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Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers,

I am very excited to announce that The Daily Hawk is about to undergo radical changes that will significantly change the newspaper and, hopefully, the school as a whole. 


Starting on the 22/23 School Year, the Daily Hawk seeks to grow into a serious and demanding club, both in content and conduct, thus reflecting such transformation on its final product as well. We seek to encourage personal growth in our members and formally develop the skills required to be a part of the newspaper: writing, dedication, social conscience and awareness, and much more. In order to attain such a goal, the principles and values of the club will remain unchanged, but the form through which such are achieved will be completely altered. The Daily Hawk’s main purpose is, now, to focus on the development of “formal” journalistic skills in order to promote the expansion not only of the club itself, but also of its members individually. 


The Daily Hawk serves as a vehicle of self-expression, connection with the EABH community, and a source of entertainment. It has a little bit of everything, ranging from playful crosswords to complex opinion articles on current global events. 


Our idea is to create opportunities and learning incentives within the club, mainly by integrating our members into city-related events and exercising journalistic skills, like reporting, interviewing, public speaking, investigating, and writing, among many others. This city has a lot to offer, as do the EABH students. The Daily Hawk wants to give its participants the independence and freedom to "go out in the world" and let them figure out for themselves who they are and what they believe in.


It comes as no surprise that I consider information to be one of the most powerful tools one can possess in today's world. Knowledge, understanding, and critical thinking go a long way in determining who you aspire to be and what are your values. And, especially during our middle and high school years, we must start figuring out or at least practicing "seeing" things for ourselves and deciding where we stand. It is simply crucial and a true game-changer to know what's happening around us, have our own take on it, and always seek to further understand the issues that unite and tear us apart. After all, that's what writing is: an attempt to recognize the world for what it is, while still offering our own perspective towards it.


And that's what we have been working tirelessly to make The Daily Hawk about.

Thank you, 

Beatriz Cicci.

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