Dear EABH, 


When my father first visited you, he was asked how old his child was. The answer surprised the person who was showing him around the school: my mother was not even pregnant yet. My parents were not just excited about your bilingual teaching or the opportunity I would have for you to interact with people from all parts of the world. They were amazed by how disparate you were from other schools at EABH. Words cannot express how thankful I am to my parents for entrusting you with my education and how much you have taught me, so I will not try to do that in this letter. Instead, I will just share some final thoughts with your students.
EABH students, never let anyone (including yourself in most cases) impose limits on your abilities, especially inside of the classroom. I expressed a similar thought last year in my letter to future juniors published on the 11th issue and I continue to think this is one of the most powerful beliefs one can have. Also, EABH students, do not take for granted the teachers you have the opportunity to learn from at our school. They are here because they truly love to teach and will exceed expectations to make sure you have a great learning experience. One teacher I would like to highlight and thank specifically is Mr. B, who always has an extra challenging problem if you are curious to learn more advanced math concepts.
This is not a goodbye, though, as I am sure I will continue to be a part of the great EABH community as an active alumnus. After all, once a Hawk, always a Hawk!

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Carlos Pinto.

The Daily Hawk Editor-in-Chief.