Mr. Matt

Mr. Matt is the definition of "Leader"… 

Mr. Matt's the real definition of caring, can't you see it? I can tell you that you're a supportive, important person that is actually attentive and always makes my work and my ideas get better and better! Ms. Lorynn said that you made her be a better teacher! You also showed Ms. Judy that you're a good listener that always shows interest in conversations and always comments to make them better! Mr. Kenan commented that you're balanced and very caring not just with teacher's, but also with students! Thank you for being our leader! 


Mr Matt is more than a principal, he is a friend!!  


Mr. Matt you're the one friend we will never forget! Mr. Kenan told me to remember to keep contact with you! So remember to do it!! LoL :)! Ms. Judy considers you a friend because even when you just talk to you one time in a meeting alone you see that you're a person that never leaves a friend or a memory behind! Really we will miss you so much not just because you're an important leader, but also because you're an important friend that is incredible!! Thank you for that!!


What is Mr. Matt's Legacy at EABH? 


You're legacy… you will leave a big legacy behind, but don't get sad we will never forget you! Your legacy is a leader that shows care with student's, friends and teachers ideas, thoughts and feelings. You're a leader that will make everyone miss you! So thank you for being this principal and Friend that will make so many people miss you even just meeting you just one time! Thank you for being this important part of the EABH Family!!

Kenan Dzaferagic (Teacher)  

Mr. Matt, it has been a true honor and a pleasure working with you for the past two years. You have been a true inspiration and a guide for me.  You possess qualities of a true leader, because you give teachers, students, and parents voice, choice, and ownership in everything they do. You are an awesome communicator who is caring and balanced. I wish you the best in all your future endeavors, and I certainly hope to stay in touch for life.

Judy Imamudeen (PYP Coordinator) 

Mr. Mat, you're a person that always makes conversation get interesting. Somehow you're able to listen and show good and important attention and interest in these conversations. You're a great listener, you show that you like to listen to new opinions and new perspectives. It is great to listen and talk to you! You're a great friend! Thank you for everything!!  


Lorynn MacMillian (Teacher)

"Mr. Mat, you're a person that helped me when I needed you to make me be a better teacher, you helped me with all my emotions. It was a big gift to have you in my life and had this opportunity to have you before you went to the USA. And I am SUPER  happy to work with you and have you is a pleasure. Thank you!"

Carolina Bonato (Student)

I have some memories from Mr. Mat, I remember 1 meeting that we had and he always showed interest and support to my ideas and he was always trying to make them get better. He is serious when needed and very funny when possible. After all these little, but important and true cards it is obvious that we will miss you not just as the coordinator of PYP, but as a friend. And we will never forget you because at the moment you got inside school you became part of the community, of the EABH family!! Thank you for everything!!

Thank you for Being this Person!! 

You'll Always Be Part of the EABH Family!!

We Love you and will Miss You!!