Thank you,

Ms. Liz

        Ms. Liz will undoubtedly leave a long-lasting legacy at EABH. 
        As the founder of The Daily Hawk, she has empowered dozens of students to explore and voice their passions while gaining invaluable skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. She never failed to surprise me with the extent to which she would go to help our student journalists: be it in working long past working hours and on off days to publish an issue or in giving feedback that is truly helpful to them. For example (and this is just one of many examples), when we recently worked on selecting the Daily Hawk’s next Editor-in-Chief she went the extra mile to prepare suggestions for all candidates to help them in future interviews, giving them advice that they would likely not be told in a professional setting but that are invaluable for their development. 
        Yet, Ms. Liz’s legacy at EABH reaches far beyond The Daily Hawk. As a member of the College Counselling Committee, she has transformed the college counselling process at our school to better prepare EABH students for college admissions for years (if not decades) to come. As a teacher, she has gone above and beyond to lead the social studies department and deliver excellent learning experiences. Most importantly, she has set an example for all teachers at EABH. 
        After all, who else could do everything she did at our school while also completing a Master’s at the University of Edinburgh? Who else could complete two internships in one summer? Finally and most importantly, who else could do all of this while being so joyful to others like Ms. Liz is? Ask anyone what are some of the first thoughts that come to mind when they hear “Ms. Liz”. Some may say puppies, while others may say jokes that are so unfunny that they actually make you laugh. Everyone, though, will undoubtedly be reminded of the happiness she inspired in all of us.
        This is all to say that, like many others at EABH, I genuinely appreciate all that you have done for our school and its community. As you read the messages below, you will notice a common theme that intertwines all of them: gratitude. I hate to speak for others, but I am sure that this is the word that best describes the sentiment people at EABH have felt from meeting, learning and working with you. We are definitely sad to see you go but also excited to find out where your next flights will take you and how you will continue to help others in your new communities.



Miss Liz I am so grateful I met you and I wish you all the best in your future ventures, thank you so much for always helping me with my writing it has improved so much thanks to you, thank you for teaching me so many cool history fun facts (like TS1989) but most importantly thank you for always being such a positive, inspirational, and supportive figure! I love youuu <333 


Hey Ms. Liz, I wanted to say that although I’ve only had you as a teacher for a year, it’s been amazing. You made classes so exciting with your endless enthusiasm, spur of joy, and love for the students and the subject you teach. You care about all of your students, which is so unique and inspiring to see. You always have so much to talk about every topic, and I learned so much in your class. I loved all the discussions and talks we had about all sorts of things about society. And from thinking you were scary at the beginning of the year to now knowing you're such a fun teacher that I'm going to miss a lot, I know for sure that everyone will miss you so much here as you embark on your next journey. I hope you bring all your enthusiasm and joy back to the U.S

Luiza M.:

Ms. Liz,

thank you for being an exemplary teacher.  Your classes weren't  special only because you are a good teacher, but also because your happiness is contagious. Your advices and leadership in the Daily Hawk inspired us to be creative and express the spirit of our school on the website. We will miss your patience, your affection, and love for your job and for all the students. I wish you all the best!

Luiza Morais.


Hey ms Liz it was great having you here for unfortunately 3 years (you could have been here for way more time but it’s all that dogs fault) you are a great teacher who is very inspiration, motivates us students, and helps them become better people, thank you for everything, we will miss you!


Ms. Liz, I wish we could have met in person, but even knowing you only virtually and for one year, you have had a big impact on my life and I’d like to thank you for so many things!... Thank you for making me feel welcome, even with online classes. Thank you for being an awesome educator and for making everything exciting. Thank you for challenging me in a way that makes me always want to seek improvement. Thank you for making my days better with your always present amazing energy - so much that I always leave class happier than when it started. Thank you for the effort you put in the Daily Hawk to make it awesome! But, most of all, thank you for showing us that we can dream big! You are an inspiration, and I hope that the job you are pursuing works out perfectly, because I believe you deserve all of the best. We will miss you!


Ms. Liz, I never had class with you, but in the Daily Hawk club I discovered that you’re a cool, but responsible teacher. You’re fun, but a tough teacher!! You show respect and interest to teach and those are your qualities!! Thank you for everything!! I will miss you!!

Beatriz F.:

I met Ms. Liz on my very first day at EABH, and one of the first things I remember her saying to our class was a story about how the Aztecs had to flee their homeland after murdering a king’s daughter at what was supposed to be a wedding. And while this is, surprisingly, the one thing I still have stamped on my mind about World History and ancient civilizations, it is far from being the most important lesson I learned from Ms. Liz. Since I had the honor of being her student for nearly three years now, I can say with utmost confidence and honesty that she is not only an extraordinary teacher, but I have also come to see her as a mentor and a friend. She truly made my days at EABH 10000000 times better by being who constantly made me laugh and who could get me genuinely excited to watch her classes and join whatever course she was teaching, simply due to my admiration and interest in anything she had to say. Even during quarantine, she continued being the person I turned to for support and who never failed to lift me up or give me motivation to keep going despite the difficult circumstances. Part of who I am today is because of her, and even aspects of my personality are now the result of my affection towards her as they mirror some of her own traits. Ms. Liz is, without a doubt, one of the best people I think I’ll ever meet. I can’t even begin to explain how I regret not being able to have spent this last year with her and how much she is going to be missed, not only by me but by pretty much everyone who was lucky enough to get to know her. For that and much more, all there is left for me to do is thank her (and feel a little jealous of whoever gets to work with her next).


Ms. Liz not only taught me school subjects, but encouraged me to be a better person. When I joined EABH, I came across one of the liveliest and enjoyable teachers, and from that day on, I started admiring her. She always manages to make everyone around her laugh, as well as showing how she is always there for whatever you need. I will miss not only my incredible teacher, but also a friend. She deserves to be really happy and I hope she meets people who change her life for the better, just as she changed mine, and many others in our EABH community. I would like to thank her for making my days more pleasant and happier ( and also for always showing pictures of puppies haha).

We will miss you so much Ms. Liz!!!


Dear Ms Liz,

While I am saddened to see you go, I know that this new chapter of your life will be just as amazing, and you will go on to do even greater things. I sincerely appreciate anything and everything you have done for me, my classmates, and our EABH community over the past few years. Knowing you, I am certain that your contributions will echo through the ages. I can assure you that your legacy will be that of an incredible teacher, advisor, and friend. Your energy is unparalleled, your dedication is admirable, and your versatility is inspiring. I wish we were able to spend more time together, but I will always cherish what I’ve learned from you: whether it be in The Daily Hawk, in history class, or otherwise. You were my first ever AP teacher, and now you’re one of the most prominent figures concerned with my academic future. While it will be difficult to adapt, I know I will be fine thanks to what I’ve learned about continuity and change. I am so grateful for everything you have taught me, and I know how important this new adventure is for you. I am very eager to see all the wondrous things you will continue to accomplish, and I hope you know you will always be with us: once a hawk, always a hawk!

Forever your student,


Luiza R.:

Dear miss Liz,

It truly saddens me that such a great teacher that has helped me grow as a student and as a person is leaving EABH. Nevertheless, I'm sure that you'll go off to different places and inspire different students just like you did with myself. Your spontaneousness and excitement has always made it actually fun to learn (which is exceptionally hard during online learning, I have to say). I will miss you very much and I wish you all the best!

Virtual hug, Luiza Ribeiro from 9th grade.

P.S Here are some photos of puppies, fries, milkshake and a burger, because I know you like them:

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