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The MUN club of EABH decided that since the BRAMUM of 2022 has been changed to an online format they would not be attending it this year. Instead a Mock trial which would be judging the defendant Charles Manson was held on the 23rd of February in the school’s library.



Each member of the MUN represented an important historical figure in Charles Manson's life, and this trial will determine if Manson is guilty of the crimes that he allegedly committed or not. The Juree of this trial is Juree Rachel Jones (Alicia Ferreira), Mason’s defense attorney is a man called Irving Kanarek (Lidia Carvalho), and the prosecution is being represented by Vincent Bugliosi (João Antônio Gomes) and Richard Ramson (Adrian Uhlig). 

The prosecution had the objective of putting Mason and his family behind bars for life, meanwhile Mason’s attorney was trying to prove that his client did not manipulate anyone to commit crimes, therefore Mason should be considered innocent of all charges. Richard began his argument by stating the defendants are fully responsible for the death of eight people, who were tortured to death; He mentions that all of the victims were innocent and he added that one of them was a pregnant women. Richard closes his argument by saying “These people were mercilessly butchered by “lunatics” in order to create a scene and bring attention to themselves. They must be persecuted for utter malice.”


Irving Kanarek refuted by stating that Mason is a mentally ill man that was in fact manipulated by his own family to be an accomplice of these crimes. He further expands on his defense when he brings up the fact that Charles Mason had a troubled childhood, “being arrested at thirteen when he was homeless and abandoned”. He finishes up his arguments when he states that Mason should not be on trial for crimes that he did not commit, he should be instead receiving mental treatment.


Many of the family members came forth on the trial in defense of Mason’s story, for example Patricia Krenwinkel ("Katie") stated that Charles Manson was not forcing anyone to do anything, and that the whole family saw him as a leader figure. Other family members like Leslie Van Houten, Susan Atkins aka Sadie Mae Glutz, and Charles "Tex" Watson came forth to say that Manson was an abusive and manipulative father that drugged all the family members regularly and outlined every crime that they should commit that night.


45 minutes into the trial Charles Mason himself comes to the trial to give his testimony. Mason starts his defense by claiming that he “has nothing to do with this [the crimes]” and that now he’s being treated as a monster by the people that he has embraced and helped, which he’s referring to his family. To prove that he is not connected with the crime he says that he was not present on the day that it all happened (claim that has already been confirmed by other family members that stated the same in earlier stages of the trial); Mason also ads that he “did not say anything to those kids”, and that even though he knew that they were all on drugs that night, he was not and in fact he has never used drugs in his life. When Charles is asked, by his attorney, he confirms the fact that he indeed was diagnosed with symptoms of schizophrenia, therefore proving the attorney’s point that Mason is indeed in need of medical help.


After Mason’s testimony in the trial the discussion of what will be his sentence, continues. The two sides separate for fifteen minutes to create their sentence proposal. Meanwhile, the jury, Rachel Jones, waits, and she believes that it is inevitable that Mason will be considered guilty; the real discussion will be to decide the severity of the punishment. After a long discussion the court comes to a decision: Charles Mason is considered guilty of his crimes and he is to serve 30 hours of community service in order to pay for the crimes that he has committed.

MUN conference notes

The members of MUN were a little bummed since BRAMUM should be happening instead of this mock trial.



  • Rachel Jones (Alicia) 


Defense Attorney

  • Irving Kanarek (Lidia) 



  • Vincent Bugliosi (João Antônio)

  • Richard Ramson (Adrien) 



  • Susan Atkins (aka Sadie Mae Glutz) (Tati)

  • Leslie Van Houten

  • Patricia Krenwinkel ("Katie") 

  • Charles Manson

  • Charles "Tex" Watson (Tried Separately)

Richard Ramson → Eight people died (tortured to death) 

Appeal to Pathos: Pregnant mother, innocent people 

These people were mercilessly butchered by “lunatics” in order to create a scene and bring attention to themselves. They must be persecuted for utter malice.

Irving Kanarek → Charles Manson was manipulated, a mentally ill man. He’s not the mastermind of the crime. 

Crimes that he did not commit. He should be receiving mental treatment not go to jail

  • He was arrested at thirteen when he was homeless and abandoned 


Vincent Bugliosi → Justice should be served. May god have mercy on him cause we will not 

  • There is no evidence that Manson killed. However, once a conspiracy is formed, each member is equally responsible for the crime and should be charged for it.

  • Even though he did not kill anyone he was a member of the conspiracy. He is the leader that ordered those crimes

  • This “cult” has many conspiracy facts. There is a clear intent to commit crimes. 

  • Manson wanted to incite chaos and commit crimes 

  • He was arrested at thirteen armed 

Lorenzo → One of the most horrendous crime that shall not be forgiven


Charles Manson’s spouse → Gave a life to many woman, gave her a son and opportunities


Susan → They lost control of themselves. Charles Manson was a manipulative person. Drugged the family and made them believe that he was their only salvation: He’s the truly murdered

  • Convinced them of doing the most preposterous things 

  • Drugged them and manipulated the family

  • Is here now to get some justice


Tex → was abused by Charles Manson, “his actions was not done on his own conscious  and by his true self”

  • Manson told everyone in the family to destroy the house and commit the crime as gruesomely as possible (Yes but he was not present in the murder scene) 


Tati → They were psychologically manipulated through drugs and abuse. They were solly following orders given by the head of the family Charlie Manson.

  • The family saw Manson as a leader figure 

  • He was doing the right thing he did not commit any crimes intentionally 

  • Charles Manson was not forcing anyone to do anything.

  • He was originally present at the crime scene. However, he was not present that day.

  • Charles Manson convinced everyone in the family to commit the crime. But he never admitted or instructed the reasons for the crime


Patricia → Charles Manson saved their lives, she believes that the rest of the family should respond for these crimes “we pulled the trigger”


Lacerda (?) → Manson abused everyone and he should respond  

  • Manson was aware of the murderers, which he also commanded

  • He deserves death penalty

  • His wife was pregnant when she was murdered (by Manson alledgely) 


Rachel Jones → Traumatizing childhood myself. Working her way up, will remain unbiased. 


Josephine → the jury is the voice of reason. (Part of the prosecutors, not the jury) These crimes shall not be remembered in history. Even though he did not directly kill, he participated and should get the same penalty as those who pulled the trigger. 


Steven Mcquin → He’s deeply scared of the man Charles Manson. If he is set free he’ll continue his killing spree with no remorse. Manson should go to jail asap 


Steven Mcquin was invited to the same party where the eight people were killed, he luckily escaped the party but felt mentally injured after experiencing a close to death moment. Now he’s scared and carries a gun at all times. Manson should go behind bars

PT - Irvik: How did you get the information that you were on the list? 

Prosecution - Do you believe that Manson is a man full of malice?

Response- Yes, he


There are two sides in this discussion: 


  • The family is guilty: They committed the crimes therefore they should respond for the crimes 

  • Charles Manson manipulated them into committing those crimes therefore he is the true criminal


MANSON HIMSELF IS IN THE ROOM - he came in about 45 minutes late to the trial (Túlio)

  • He has nothing to do with that. He embraced the kids and helped them out. He was born in prison. They are trying to make him the monster.

  • Manson is a victim of the system 

  • He was not present on the night

    • He did not say anything to those kids, some say that he was all about it and war. However, he did not talk about any war

    • He’s aware that the kids were under drugs that night 

    • He never used any drugs

  • He presented symptoms of schizophrenia

  • Manson claims that he did not even know Mcquin’s name

Screenshot 2022-03-14 204840.png

MUN is always looking for new members, so if you are interested in joining the club, please contact the advisors, Ms. Claudia [] and Mr. Jason [], or the Head Delegate John Goepfert [].

Head Delegate: John G. (G12)

Public Relations Officer: Julia L. (G12) 


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