Despite the rather unusual conditions we faced this year, our MUN club had a very successful semester! Our delegates were able to practice their debate skills and MUN vocabulary through a committee simulation organized by our own club, that we kindly call MiniMUN. It happened on November 4th and 11th, and even though it was completely online, our delegates gave their best and impressed the chairs with the level of engagement and debate. Our delegates were representing countries in the Security Council discussing the topic of "Human Rights Concerns Over The Recent Belarusian Protests". As a reward for their outstanding participation, delegate John Geopfert, presenting Turkey, was awarded the Best Delegation award, and Julia Lima, representing France, and Lorenzo Lemos, representing Poland, both received an Honorable Mention from the chairs. For next semester, although we are uncertain of what will come, our MUN club is prepared for another semester full of learning and preparation for future conferences and for life.

MUN is always looking for new members, so if you are interested in joining the club, please contact the advisor, Mr. B [leonardo.botaro@eabh.com.br], the Head Delegate Ester Ferreira [ester.ferreira@eabh.com.br], or the Co-Head Delegate Adrian Uhlig [adrian.uhlig@eabh.com.br]. 


Head Delegate: Ester F. (G12)

Co-Head Delegate: Adrian U. (G11)

Public Relations Officer: Beatriz F. (G10) 

Treasurer: Claire L. (G10)

BRAMUN Leadership Team Members: Carlos P. (G12) and Ester F. (G12)

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