MUN is currently organizing and getting ready to launch its social studies tutoring program. The club is also having its first-ever online conference in November; miniMUN is around the corner as MUNers need to be constantly practicing their debate and research skills for the return of in-person conferences. That said, MUN is always looking for new members, so if you are interested in joining the club, please contact the advisor, Mr. B [leonardo.botaro@eabh.com.br], the Head Delegate, Ester Ferreira [ester.ferreira@eabh.com.br], or the Co-Head Delegate, Adrian Uhlig [adrian.uhlig@eabh.com.br]. 

Head Delegate: Ester F. (G12)

Co-Head Delegate: Adrian U. (G11)

Public Relations Officer: Beatriz F. (G10) 

Treasurer: Claire L. (G10)

BRAMUN Leadership Team Members: Carlos P. (G12) and Ester F. (G12)

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