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MOVIE- MIRACLE IN CELL no 7 (Rating: 14)

"Miracle in cell no 7" is a Turkish movie that can make even the toughest of people a little emotional. The movie starts with a man on a news channel speaking about the death penalty in Turkey that had been just recently abolished. This makes the girl watching the TV get a little surprised, which, as we watch the movie, we understand that it is a foreshadowing of the main conflict of the story. In the next scene, the movie takes us back to the past, and we are introduced to an intricate main character, Memo. Brilliantly acted by Aras Bulut, Memo is a mentally ill father. His mental development does not correspond to his age, as he is childish, immature, and naive. These characteristics are not his fault, but because he is so different compared to the rest of society, people constantly judge and ridicule him. Fortunately, he is naive, so he doesn't realize how poorly people treat him, but his daughter, Ova, does. Ova is a very young, adorable yet unpopular little kid. Because of her father, she is constantly judged as well. One day she sees a Heide backpack that she wants, but another girl named Seda gets it first. A little while later, this same girl taunts Memo with this backpack, making him want to follow her to a dangerous cliff. Seda accidentally slips into one of the rocks, hits her head, and dies. Memo, who is shocked, terrified, and with a huge sense of guilt, brings her to her parents, which he is judged to be guilty. Not having enough money to afford a lawyer, he is sent to prison to wait for his death penalty. This is where things start to get dark. Various harsh things happen to him in prison. Seeing the pain in Memos’ eyes every time he is punched or accused of being a child murderer is heartbreaking. Throughout the movie, you go through an extremely emotional journey with phenomenal acting and amazing directing. You get to see the stories of the people arrested, empathize with them, and get angry at the injustice that is a man dying for a crime he didn't commit, or will there actually be a miracle in cell no 7?  





Cobra Kai is a continuation of the 1986 Karate Kid movie. It shows what Daniel Larusso, (the kid who won the Karate tournament) and Johnny Lawrence (the bully who lost the Karate tournament), became after 34 years. Even though it is a continuation of the movie, you don't need to watch it in order to know what is happening in the series, as there are various flashbacks of the movie, especially the one of Larusso and Jhonny fighting each other in the Karate Tournament. Larusso owns a successful car company, while Johnny Lawarance is a failed man who just recently lost his job. Both of them still have bad blood with each other and have started warring karate dojos. The great thing about this series is that it humanizes every character. There isn't necessarily good or evil, making the characters more complex than the original film, and consequently developing the plot even more. There are epic fights, drama, romance, and suspense. This series makes you want to keep watching it one episode after another, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great series to watch!


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