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2022 EABH Halloween Party Highlights

The Annual EABH Halloween Party has taken place recently so let’s look at the highlights!


  • The Seniors Haunted House, an EABH senior tradition, this year was circus themed with the seniors acting as murderous clowns and performers. There were so many people queuing up in the line that the average wait time to go was about 45 minutes. Once you got inside, you were led around the SAAGE Hall and scared at every turn either by clowns chasing you or people screaming in your face. The finale was a jumpscare out of a box and crawling through a dark tunnel. Overall, a good haunted house where you can see how much effort was put into at every turn.

  • The Thriller Flash Mob was another key event of the day where Lower School students danced to Michael Jackson’s Halloween classic. At first, it was only a specific group of students dancing but as more and more joined in, the better the dance became. Parents watched in awe, phone in hand, to capture their children dancing.


  • The Upperschool science department (Mr. Ben, Ms. Marina, Ms. Fernanda, and Mr. PhysiGui) were dressed up as characters from the Despicable Me franchise. Mr. Ben paraded around wearing a bald cap while Babygirl was donning a yellow shirt and glasses. The true champion of this group was Mr. Gui who took his dedication to his costume as Gru that he even shaved his head, announcing an all out war for the Gui name against PortuGui. To this day, the battle continues on, making students question who is truly the bald Gui.

  • While PhysiGui was showing off his newly bald head, Portugui was concealing his with a horse mask. Portugui decided to dress up as the titular character of the adult comedy, Bojack Horseman. He paraded around the school, handing out candy to children as the anthropomorphic horse, leaving an impression on all.

  • Ms. Fernanda was dressed up as a dead bride with a wedding dress, veil, and some of the most realistic Halloween makeup ever. Many students failed to recognize Ms. Fernanda because of how well the makeup was done and were forced to do a double take. Not only did her dress look beautiful, her makeup looked horrific.

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