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Cruzeiro x Atlético MG 02/13 Game Review


The game between Atlético MG and Cruzeiro has a very historical meaning in Minas Gerais. These two teams are the most famous in the state and have represented the Mineiro portion of Brazilian soccer in the main competitions. Since most people in Minas Gerais cheer for either Atlético or Cruzeiro, this longtime rivalry fuels soccer in Minas Gerais and is responsible for turning this classic combat into one of the most anticipated games in Brazilian soccer. Both teams have been playing against each other since the 1920s: according to Atletico’s record, there have been 517 games, while Cruzeiro's counts, counts 498 games.


Founded in 1921, Cruzeiro is a victorious team with numerous titles, being the biggest champion of Copa do Brasil with six trophies. However, the team has been going through its darkest phase, having stayed 3 years in the second division. Now, in 2023, the team has been able to come back to the elite league, and many fans are looking forward to this season – especially considering that Ronaldo Fenomeno acquired the club and has been able to bring some new, better players.

Atlético MG

Atlético MG, famously known as “Galo”, is also a victorious team, adding some meaningful titles as well. Galo is historically known for its fierce and passionate fanbase, which has proved its love and devotion to the club time and time again. When the team spent one year in the second division, in 2006, Galo fans registered the highest public average for Série B ever, leading the club to quickly recover from the bad phase and return to the elite league of Brazilian soccer in the following year. Nowadays, it is possible to say that Galo is facing a better situation than Cruzeiro, which can be seen by looking at the Minas Gerais Championship they are playing, the Campeonato Mineiro, as well as Galo's recent triumphs, such as winning the Copa do Brasil and Brasileirão in 2021.

The Game

The first Galo x Cruzeiro game of 2023 happened on Estádio Raimundo Sampaio, that is, Independencia. While Atlético MG was the favorite to win – because of its better situation and higher quality players – both teams made pressure and created good scoring chances. As the first half ended, in my opinion, Cruzeiro was better; however, When the second half started, Atlético was superior, until, in the 62nd minute, Cruzeiro scored. Although the goal was polemic, once there were two balls on the pitch while the offense occurred, the referees validated the goal. After that, Galo began to create pressure, while fans on both sides were passionately cheering and chanting to motivate their teams. In the 81st minute there was a foul close to the goalie area and Hulk, from Atlético, assumed the responsibility of attempting to score the equalizer. He scored e a beautiful goal. The game ended in the 100th minute... In my opinion, both teams played a good match, even though they could have created more scoring chances and despite having missed some potential scoring moments.

If you want to see the goals, check this:

Next Games

Both teams will play against each other at least two more times this year, at the Brazilian Championship. Even so, they can play four more times if they "meet" at other Championships such as Copa Do Brasil or even Campeonato Mineiro. However, this depends on random drawings and on future game results, so it is unsure that the classic Galo x Cruzeiro game will happen more than twice in 2023. Check their dates here.


In games like this, it doesn't matter the phase and situation of each team. Because it is such a classic and historic game, we never really know who will win – even if one team has a much superior squad than the other., Therefore, it is always a good match to watch.

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