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EABH Boys Use Up Their Bad Luck in the First Volleyball Game of the Season - 03/30

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

The first volleyball game of the season started with the boys playing a nerve-wracking match against EAR’s Eagles; EAR won 2 - 1 after their victory in the third set to break the tie. Hawks in the audience were cheering without end, competing for the bigger voice against the Eagles, who were at a voluminous advantage with their significantly larger crowd. Despite the feeling of frustration the athletes were left with, the first game is always the scariest, and this initial fear was gotten over with in this match.

Since the beginning of the game both teams fiercely fought for the lead; the points were going back and forth between the teams until the Hawks caught grasp of the plays and gained confidence for the rest of the first set. They faced the game with a calm and composed attitude, which allowed them to make points with simple strategies rather than force or speed. The Hawks won the first set with 25 - 19, amazing saves and spikes keeping them in the lead. Pedro Jorge (7) had a remarkable entrance to the game, scoring three points in a row and leaving the entire crowd roaring, encouraging the team to persist.

The second set did not start off well, since EAR scored five points in a row; however, the Hawks maintained their approaches from the first set, leading them to score three consecutive points. Our athletes were not low-spirited by the opposing team’s lead because the boys knew they could potentially reclaim their lead in the third set. Making good use of their mindset in the game, Eduardo Calixto (6) continuously blocked attempted spikes and Aidan Van Cleef (4) utilized his entire body to save points. The second set ended 25 - 19 in favor of EAR.

In a very disputed third set to break the tie and determine the winners, EAR won 15 - 12 after the Hawks made minor mistakes. Points alternated between the teams, leaving EABH extremely close to winning. Nevertheless, the boys are not low-spirited after losing their first game this season; they believe it was bad luck, it was a very competitive game, and the chemistry between the teams wasn’t poor. EABH looks forward to their future games.

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