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EABH delegates shine on the second day of TBSRJ MUN

This Saturday, September 16th, TBSRJ MUN carried on with the committee meetings. It is safe to say that all of our EABH delegates conducted their discussions with diligence, decorum, and confidence.

In the Security Council, Thuptim Appleton represented the delegation of China and had consistently intelligent and clear responses regarding the disputes over the West Saharan African region. Her delegation strived for a peaceful resolution of the issue and addressed the importance of developing countries working together.

The Historical Security Council was not only filled with the word "sovereignty", but also with sharp and cogent remarks made by Tatiana Chen and Vitor Szuster, who represented the delegation of Italy in de-escalating the Cuban missile crisis.

Isabela Camargos and Isa Taranto both represented the delegation of the U.K., fiercely defending the persecuted journalists globally, and condemning the disproportionate police brutality. They made impactful and thoughtful speeches, and every question thrown their way was answered masterfully.

In Margaret Thatcher's Parliament of the U.K., Giovanna Muzzi perfectly encapsulated Tony Blair and argued for the best reforms to implement in the national curriculum, including better transportation, special needs schools, and training programs for schools that are at risk of being closed.

In the Roman Empire committee, Lucrezia Rima represented Justinian I and, thanks to her compelling arguments, was established as the emperor of the Roman Empire!

In the Junior Human Rights Council, Daniel Mauriel represented the delegation of China and defended the establishment of safer working conditions for blue-collar workers and a greater investment in rural working spaces. He was confident, clear, and sharp with all of his responses and speeches.

In the Olympian Divine State, Isabella Zayerz portrayed Artemis and, despite being the youngest EABH delegate, was able to pass amendments, create strong resolutions and make convincing arguments through seven speeches.

Finally, the Political Committee had the presence of three of our EABH delegates: Laís Taranto, who represented the delegation of Japan, and Anabella Delgado, together with Helena Kallas, represented the delegation of India. They discussed the use of nuclear energy and, since most delegations were in favor of its use, their resolution passed.

The conference was occasionally interrupted by some members of the secretariat who would either sing, kidnap other delegates, or personify a character. The reason for such, was that, depending on how much money was fundraised, they had to do a certain dare or challenge. This is part of efforts to support Projeto Refúgio, an organization that helps Venezuelan refugees learn Portuguese and donates food, clothes, and hygiene products. All of the money gathered from these challenges will be donated to support this initiative.

The delegates returned to the hotel with a feeling of accomplishment and are ready to excel in their committees tomorrow.

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