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Euphoria is not just another typical teen drama

The TV show Euphoria initially broadcasted in 2019, has caught the attention of a large audience, especially teenagers. The show is known for having a raw and relatable storyline that makes viewers fascinated by it. Despite the fact that the show's content is dark and graphic, it portrays real issues in the present world. It discusses drug addiction issues, sexuality, traumas, friendships, mental health, sexual experiences, all within the bubble of fascination with the high school fantasy. The show made its debut in 2019 on HBO Max, and since 2004, it has been the second most-watched series of the network, with an average of 16.3 million viewers in each episode of the second season.

But why the immense popularity?

As it is known, Euphoria tackles heavy issues such as the underage use of drugs and alcohol, which according to research done by writers at the New York Times, has absurdly declined since the 90s, and because of this, Euphoria is best described as a millennial’s revisionist fantasy of their own time. This definition makes sense because of trends around the world. The 90s is by far the most looked-up decade for outfits, for example. The show is a modern take on issues most predominant in the past decades, which explains its massive popularity amongst curious teenagers in the present time. Cleverly, the creator of the show, Sam Levinson, uses aspects of the life of teens from three decades ago and mixes them with modern elements to successfully infatuate teenagers with their obsession over this topic.

The show’s complex narrative takes the viewers straight to a stomach-turning thrilling experience that is impossible to look away from. The director and writers of the show capture the audience’s attention by dedicating each episode to the storyline of a character and having only the main character narrate all 17 episodes. Rue, the main character, breaks the fourth wall and even acknowledges her role as the show’s narrator many times throughout the show, which ultimately reminds viewers that they are watching a show with a hypothetical storyline. The director also uses aspects such as special effects and illustrating cinematography to communicate with the audience, for example, by spinning the camera while Rue, the main character got intoxicated, to communicate the highs and lows of intoxication.

In addition, the show has successfully set many trends. For example, the makeup presented in Euphoria is very unusual and unconventional since most of the show happens at a school. The official makeup artist of the series states that the look is planned prior to represent the characters’ feelings. Another factor that has been making quite its mark on season 2 is the nails. As the show’s official nail artist has stated, she carefully studies the characters and evaluates their behavior and feelings in order to create nails that fit each of their personalities and storyline. Lastly, the fashion in Euphoria correlates with each characters’ personality to further represent their individuality.

The TV show Euphoria is definitely not another one of your typical modern teen dramas. The series has its own individual and unconventional way of representing issues in a modern-day setting. Combining the impact the show has made on teenagers and the trends it has set; further proves the fact that the series is like no other.

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