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Highlights from the Second Day at ISSL (09/30)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The second day of the season was full of excitement, one of the peaks being the boy’s varsity basketball team qualifying to the Finals tomorrow morning! After defeating the Nations’ team with the score of 41x25, they made it to the Semifinals against British URCA and performed majestically. The referee marked the game over at 45x31, and emotion was at its highest! Players, friends and even press members were crying tears of joy. Nationals, here we come!

The girl’s varsity basketball team also made a great impact. Starting the day off with an impressive victory against the Nations’ Cougars, 29x02, the Lady Hawks qualified to the Semifinals against British Barra. After a very intense game, EABH unfortunately lost with the disadvantage of one point (final score: 13x14). The team had amazing performance throughout the season and will be competing for third place tomorrow.

Boys’ varsity soccer team had a harder day, losing 0x4 to Nations in the morning. In their game against St. Pauls, they started off fine but could not keep track and lost 1x7. The boys played well throughout the season and will definitely do even better next time. They will be competing for seventh place tomorrow.

The day’s other main highlight was the girls’ varsity soccer team, winning 2x0 against Nations in the morning and advancing to the Semifinals against St. Paul. At the end of a very tense game, the Lady Hawks scored two goals and guaranteed a spot in the Finals, and will therefore play in the Nationals alongside the basketball boys. The moment of victory was moving as all the Hawks ran to the field and joined the team in pure excitement!

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02 de out. de 2022

perfectly written! you rock!


02 de out. de 2022

amazing article! you’re the best!

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