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On their way to bronze- EABH v. British Barra Girls Basketball

The Lady Hawks' basketball match against British Barra took place today, September 29th, and from the start of the game, a pink dot was visible in the middle of the court: Lydia Pfile's (13) sneakers shone and attracted attention from the first minute. There was another special appearance during the game: Marcela Borlido, (6), who had been injured and barely able to walk for the last few days, played to help the team get through to the final, and, despite her injured leg, managed to do a great job for EABH. However, the Lady Hawks were unlucky, with British Barra opening the placard at 0x3. Fortunately, Annie Santos (12) and Carol Bonato (14) shook up the EABH scoreboard, turning the game around and making it 4x3. The Lady Hawks continued to make more baskets, getting to the point where the girls from the opposing team started to act very aggressively with EABH and, with that, committing fouls that our girls used as an advantage to score more baskets. The first quarter ended with Mafê Vallerini (7), on top of her game in defense and attack, scoring to take the placard to a 7x6.

The second quarter began with Summer Rose (17) making a free throw successfully and increasing the score for EABH. The girls from Barra were still very aggressive with the Lady Hawks, causing more fouls and allowing EABH to make even more baskets through free throws. Throughout this quarter, the timeouts started to get too long, and too many free throws were going in for EABH. During this tense moment in the game, one of the Lady Hawks' coaches began to get stressed about the match.

The third started quickly after the end of the second. With that, Annie was back and shining on the court, especially since the game was a little more competitive since EABH was only winning by one point. The Falcons fell down a lot during the match due to the strong marking of the Lady Hawks, but this caused several fouls, one of which turned out to be false, and a basket that EABH made to not count. The end of the quarter was very stressful and a heavy atmosphere lingered around the court. Since EABH was only winning by one point, any mistake the girls made could cause disaster for the team's future. Therefore, in order to try and lighten the mood a little, the crowd, both from Barra and EABH, were super lively and loud, shouting and singing many different songs to motivate the players.

EABH's cheering was so enthusiastic, that, more than once, the referees had to ask people to move back because they were in the court. The game continued with the score standing at 13x12, and The Lady Hawks fighting and giving their all to create a comfortable distance between their and British Barra's points to get rid of the anguishing atmosphere. The game remained tied throughout the quarter, and playing against the Falcons became more difficult as time passed. All the EABH girls were playing very well, and their attack was exceptional, but British Barra was also very strong, so the game remained tied for 90% of the quarter. With only 15 seconds left in the game, the Falcons made a basket, adding 2 more points to their score and beating the Lady Hawks. One of the EABH coaches started to get so stressed that he got a red card and was ejected from the court, receiving a technical foul and another point for the Falcons. The game ended at 15x18, and unfortunately, the girls can no longer go through to the final, losing to the same people who disqualified them last year. The teamwork and effort displayed by the Lady Hawks throughout the entirety of this game is commendable, and, even though they lost this match, EABH will be there to cheer them on their way to bronze in the next game.

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