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Standing Our Ground 'Till the End - EABH v. British Barra Boys' Soccer

The first game of the day started with the EABH Hawks playing soccer against British Barra’s Falcons. It was a very hard game from the very first minute that our players stepped on the field, but the Hawks were playing very well and gave their best to score at least one goal. During the first half of the game, Henrique Melo (13) twisted his ankle and the game stopped for a few seconds; he was replaced and couldn't play anymore. Near the end of the first half, Pedro Luiz (22) passed the ball to Cauã Magalhães (10), and with that Cauã scored the first goal of the season for boys' soccer.

The second half began and the boys lost their luck, with the Falcons scoring a goal in the first minutes back. With a tie in the placard, the Hawks played with all their strength to win this game, with their offence and defence improving at every play. The goalkeepers changed, and Massimiliano Vicintin (1) was in charge, protecting the goal from various attempted goals by the Falcons. Unfortunately, they eventually scored another goal, closing the placard with 1x2 for British Barra and leaving us in a dispute for 7th and 8th place for soccer against OLM. Although this was not the desired outcome, the boys have given their best. We wish them good luck for the next game!

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