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The Crow Pt 2

[Crowd]“LOOK, IS NIGHT NINJA, OOOOOH, OOOOOH!” - Pointing to Night ninja.

[someone] “IT’S HIM!!! IT’S HIM!!!”

Night Ninja climbed the small stairs to the podium and got right by Kyle’s side. His uniform was black, with white stripes and a cape.

[Night Ninja]“Hey guys, how y'all do-”

Suddenly a metallic figure falls onto the crowd, using some sort of a robotic with a red triangular glass in it’s face. It said:

[Metallic figure] “Night Ninja! Give us back our Intel and this crowd survives, or else…”

[Night Ninja]“Spike, let’s be reasonable, Shadow Alliance is never getting that Intel back, not in my watch!”

[Spike]“Wrong answer, my friend.”

Spike proceeded to attack the crowd with a big beam he took from that triangular glass. Everyone screamed and ran away. Night Ninja got his katana and tried attacking Spike from behind, but Spike was faster, and he tried piercing Poe’s chest, but thankfully his reflexes saved him. Poe got some shurikens and threw them at Spike, who used spikes that appeared from his arms to defend himself from the shurikens. Spike came close to Poe, and he tried punching Spike but Spike dodged and gave Poe a punch right in the face. Kyle was watching everything, thinking whether or not he should help Night Ninja, because he was getting destroyed in the fight. So Kyle put the hoodie on of jacket he was wearing to cover up his face.He shouted:

[Kyle] “Hey Spike! Pick on someone your size!”

[Spike] “You should not have said that, You don’t even have powers! Not even a superhero name!”

[Kyle] “What did you say? ?”

[Spike] “Your heard me!”

[Kyle] “Then let's find out.”

Spike ran towards Kyle and tried to attack him and Kyle dodged a kick, but received a hard punch in the stomach.

[Kyle] “Ugh!”

He tried to punch Spike with his hand spikes, and Spike dogged one of the punches but Kyle got him in his thigh with the other hand.

[Spike] “AUUUGH!”

Spike pressed a button on his ear and he was teleported somewhere.

[Poe] “Wow! That was a close call.”

[Kyle] “Really close! Are you okay?”

[Poe] “Yeah, man!”

Lauren came running in their direction.

[Lauren] “Are you guys okay!? I was so worried! And who was that guy?”

[Poe] “So, that guy was Spike, an old friend of mine. I have stolen their Intel so they cannot keep up with their plan of whatever they are doing.”

[Poe] I got to go to the O.H.A headquarters, I have to tell O.H.A about what just happened.

Kyle and Lauren walked back to the apartment and found Rex walking like a human in the kitchen looking for food.

[Kyle] “What are you doing?”

[Rex] “Looking for food, what else would I be doing?”

[Kyle] “Ok. But hey, Rex, do you have powers? I mean you can talk and walk now as a human being, did you get super strength and these spikes?”

[Rex] “Oh, you mean these, of course, why wouldn't I have gotten them?”

Kyle felt his phone buzzing and picked it up, it was an old phone with a new crack on the screen, probably a result of the fight. He picked it up, and surprisingly, it was Poe.

[Poe] “Hey, how are you doing? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, Kyle, do you want to visit the O.H.A? Maybe you can even get in, I mean, you have graduated, and they give lots of money to people who work there…”

[Kyle] “Lauren, what do you think of this? I mean, with these powers maybe I can get a shot at this Hero Academy.”

[Lauren] “Look Kyle, this is too risky, how many heroes have died fighting bad guys?”

[Kyle] “Yeah but, what if…”

[Lauren] “No, do not “but” me! I don’t want to hear this… this thing anymore! We are over, those powers have gotten us in too much trouble, I'm getting out of here if you say yes, ok?”

[Kyle] “Look, this is a one shot opportunity, I can’t miss this! I don’t want these powers in our way but this, this may be our future!”

[Lauren] “Okay then Kyle, you asked for this, it is over! Goodbye.”

Lauren stormed out of Kyle’s apartment and slammed the door.

[Kyle] “C’mon!! What am I gonna do now?”

The next week Kyle accepted Poe’s invite, went to his apartment's garage, hopped on his new motorcycle, and went in the direction of the huge circular building. He entered the gateway and said that Night Ninja had invited him over to visit O.H.A. Night Ninja came walking in the direction of the gateway, and the security guard let Kyle in. There were hallways filled with TV’s, which contained information about crimes, villains, and plenty about the Official Hero Academy. Kyle was so amazed, that, not paying attention to where he was going, he accidentally bumped into someone. He looked at her, a young tall woman with a red suit and a sword in her back, glanced at her face, and recognized her.

[Kyle] “Wait, aren’t you that Julie Wright, from the Aurora College?”

[Julie] “Well, yes, who are you? Why are you here?”

[Kyle] “Oh, I hum… Am Kyle Watson, I am just here to visit, I have some powers, you know?”

[Julie] “Really Poe? Another guy here? You remember what happened to the last one!”

[Night Ninja] “You don’t need to worry about him, he is a good guy.”

[Julie] “So, since you have powers, why don’t you do an experimental training here?”

[Kyle] “Humm… ok, I guess?”

Kyle followed Julie and the Night Ninja towards a huge training center with another hero training in there, who he recognized her at first glance.

[Kyle] “Wait, isn’t she the Shadow Angel? That young genius?!”

[Julie] “Yes, that’s her, she will be your mentor today.”

Kyle entered the big room, bigger than Night Ninja’s training chamber. Shadow Angel came and introduced herself, saying that her name was Isabel Miller. She showed Kyle what the training chamber had. It was composed of robots, harmless laser guns to train dodging, and lots of other equipment. They started

the training procedure.

[Isabel] “Lets see if you are actually good.”

[Kyle] “All right.”

Isabel put on her helmet and punched Kyle strongly in his stomach.

[Kyle] “OUCH, WHY DID YOU?…”

She punched him again in the stomach and said:


[Isabel] “You have to ALWAYS be paying attention or else you will be killed fast.”

She kicks him in the face.

[Kyle] “AGHHH! Cough cough! REALLY?!”

[Isabel] “You gotta start listening to me!”

She walked away in the direction of Night Ninja and Black Sword and started to talk to them pointing at Kyle. Kyle knew what that meant, he knew he wasn’t going to be accepted in the O.H.A training classes. He got his stuff and walked away slowly and sad from the massive building. Got into his motorbike, and drove away.

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