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US Politics: Is Joe Biden Even Capable of Surviving a Second Term in Office?

Source: Angerer, Drew. Joe Biden in Philadelphia delivering speech at National Constitution Center. July 13, 2021. Getty Images.

The current conflicting political climate in the United States is likely due to the quantity of crippling old men running it. At 80 years old, Joe Biden has been a massive topic of conversation surrounding the 2024 US presidential elections. The public has not only expressed concerns for the President’s health through basic human empathy, but his ability to even survive the second term he is running for as well. Political enthusiasts have demonstrated their concerns regarding his old age since, in case of illness or incapacitation, his position would be inherited by the one and only vice president, Kamala Harris.

Presidential candidates have been increasing in age exponentially over time, with more elderly people running and successfully securing the position in the US. With similar high averages of age in the Supreme Court and Congress, the US currently deals with the old age of Senator Bernie Sanders, who is 81 years old, former president Donald Trump, who is 77, and, most recently notable, Senator Mitch McConnell, who is 81 and this year has frozen multiple times mid-speech. Nevertheless, we tend to dismiss Sanders and Trump’s age a lot more than Biden’s and McConnell’s, but this is due to their ability to conceal their aging minds and attitudes better.

Biden has gone viral multiple times after falling off a bike that was not in motion, tripping on steps, wandering around aimlessly on stage, and reading off cards that instructed him who to greet, what to say--and even where to walk. However, many people give him pity for these occurrences and brush them off as mere accidents, but upholding the position of the United States president has definitely set a standard for how many accidents are allowed to occur. Past presidents have been assertive and charismatic regardless of their goals for the country, which has been a lot less visible in Joe Biden. In press conferences, various journalists have questioned his accidents and his age for the 2024 elections, which he has brushed off and avoided answering. Not only has this worsened people’s concerns over his age, but also weakened his legitimacy as an economic powerhouse leader.

Wars and general armed conflicts are what fuel a big portion of the American economy. With an evidently passive president, many people have begun to question the power of the US when supplying foreign countries with weaponry. With so much responsibility on his hands and as international conflicts arise, Joe Biden is extremely lacking in the amount of assurance the country needs to receive from him. And what is even worse are concerns over his life expectancy, as he continues to age and hint at his vice president, Kamala Harris, inheriting his position.

Harris becoming president through Joe Biden’s death is not a desirable occurrence in the public’s eyes. She has been named countless times as the “Worst Vice President Ever” and “incompetent”, which is likely to be laced with sexist and racist undertones from politicians of varying parties. These criticisms completely overlook the eggshells she treads on for having the responsibility of tackling immigration obstructions from the root while being a person of color who often represents diversity in the political world. While it may seem she does little to nothing as VP, we must also acknowledge the quantity of work a leader is given in every presidency, raising another question: will she have enough experience if Joe Biden passes on his job to her?

The US president should be capable of demonstrating to the public that they are deserving of their trust in making good decisions for the country, demonstrating the right posture, and making the most of their term. Republicans, Democrats, and Independent voters have all come to the very rare concept of consensus between the parties: the president being reelected is a very risky move for US politics and economics. Joe Biden is unquestionably not suitable for a second term as America watches his health deplete and the outcomes of a foreshadowed passing begin to creep as discussions arise.

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