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Verstappen vs. Hamilton: Who will win the 2021 Formula 1 season?

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

With only 5 races remaining until the end of this year’s F1 season, Verstappen has a 3-win lead over his British rival, and throughout the year he has faced a thrilling and life-threatening battle for this year's championship.

Max Verstappen's victory in Mexico showed the Dutch's dominance of the track, where the two Mercedes competitors dominated the first starting line, but were surpassed by him,, who has led more than half (504 out of 990) of the laps completed this season. Lewis Hamilton finished in second place, ahead of Sergio Perez's second Red Bull driver, which drove the Mexican crowd crazy, as Perez was the first Mexican driver to take a pole position at home.

Having seven world champion titles, it's hard to predict Lewis Hamilton's ability to win a championship. However, his chances of winning the championship are decreasing by the day. After Red Bull's victory in the Mexican GP, Hamilton will have to make up his difference of 19 points from Max.

The Honda team seems pretty confident in future results, with Masashi Yamamoto, Honda’s managing director, believing that 24-year-old Hamilton can win at least 3 races by the end of the year, including the Abu Dhabi GP and the São Paulo GP. But the battle for the Drivers & Constructors Championship is not over, as it must be remembered that there are still four races until the end of the season and that anything can happen between the two racers until then.

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