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What is happening with Hollywood?

A wave of sequels is currently flooding Hollywood. Movies like Top Gun, Enchanted, Hocus Pocus, are projects made years ago that are recently gaining continuations to their story. The question is why? Perhaps Hollywood is simply running out of ideas…

From my own experience, I love movies and the majority of the films I’ve watched were from Hollywood, but now I’m seeing that a lot of movies are getting reboots or sequences, for example, Top Gun 2. Top Gun was first launched in 1986 and, 30 years later, Hollywood created Top Gun 2. For you to watch Top Gun 2, you don’t even have to see the first one, because it didn’t continue the story, they just created another plot .

Another example would be Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania. This movie is the sequel to Hotel Transylvania and it's already the fourth one. Why is Hollywood creating so many sequels of the same movie? This movie is similar to Top Gun in the sense that you don’t even have to see the first one to see the rest. Many people had already forgotten about Hotel Transylvania, once the first movie came out in 2012, the second movie in 2015, the third in 2018, and the fourth in 2022. It’s so many movies that you even forget their stories.

What is happening to Hollywood that they can’t even create new movies? Non-original films can, and sometimes do, captivate audiences. However, it is obvious that the film industry lacks creativity. While previous generations may not have seen classic films, they will not be motivated to see a film in which they must watch the entire sequence. Teens, for example, have occasionally seen the release of older films, but many of today's films have become repetitive and overdone. In addition to sequences of movies, Hollywood is scared to launch new movies because the industry may think that the audience might not like them, maybe that’s why Hollywood is creating too many sequels of movies.

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