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Why You Should Totally Read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

So, first off, you might be asking yourself “how come she’s writing this review when she wasn’t even a part of The Daily Hawk?” And that’s a very good point, I wasn’t really interested in the newspaper if I must confess. Yet when you receive an invitation from the Editing Chief to review your favorite book, how can you say no? Consequently, I found myself overly excited for being a part and engaging in The Daily Hawk. But going back to the review; the main question is why is it my favorite book? and why should you read it?

Well, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is much more than just a woman who got married seven times. (Spoiler alert) The book talks about much more than her failed marriages, as she didn’t end up with any of the men whom she devoted herself to. The book itself is about no one other than the woman she fell in love with, and spent a lifetime fighting for, in the midst of the 1950s and 60s, where a woman loving another woman wasn’t as viable, especially since they were celebrities. Altogether, the book showcases how Hugo rose to fame, reaching Hollywood and achieving academy awards, with a fame for her beauty and talent. Hugo’s reality was surprising for a woman at the time, especially since she got out of an abusive household, with no one’s help but her own.

Now… you might be thinking that it is obvious I would like this book. I’m an actress, and well, for other reasons. But that’s not quite the only appeal. It is true that the book brings representation to the LGBTQ community, especially validating the bisexual sexuality that is constantly being challenged or doubted. As a matter of fact, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo raises a lot of important topics light-heartedly, yet offers the perspective of Evelyn herself, and how these challenges impacted her life. The book brings on representation while also offering the reader a sense of sorrow and empathy, furthermore leading them to re-evaluate their thoughts and behaviors regarding LGBT relationships. When portraying the difficulties Evelyn Hugo and her partner had, the author can lead their audience to further empathize and comprehend how it is like to not be able to free love, which is a crucial understanding, especially for current times. Jointly, the book offers historical background to the cause, which consequently allows the reader to gain more insight into such important topics. Once more, validating and raising awareness of minorities.

Yet, the book is not only interesting for its groundbreaking representation. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is also a story filled with impeccable, engaging moments and mysteries. Since the story itself is not just about Hugo, the reader gains perspective into Monique, the only journalist authorized to write and publish Evelyn Hugo’s life story. Monique, despite not understanding why she was exclusively the only authorized author, takes lessons from Hugo’s triumph and learns more about herself and her family. There is a huge plot twist towards the end, where it is explained why Monique had such relevancy for Hugo, whom she had never even conversed with previously, yet that’s something one would only know by reading. Even so, the book maintains its audience’s interest after the revelation, enclosing the story with delicate and heartwarming moments.

Overall, Evelyn Hugo is a deeper book than most would think. By gaining more perspective into the representation and validation the book offers, it is inevitable that the story goes way beyond a celebrity and her seven husbands. This is why, you should absolutely read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, as it is not only a heartening story but also filled with deeper meanings.

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