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Women's Soccer: EABH Advances Through the Semi-Finals - 03/31

The Lady Hawks faced British Barra for the semi-finals of ISSL Season 2. The match happened this afternoon (03/31), and the weather was cold and with constant rain, which made the pitch very slippery.

In the first few minutes of the game, one of Barra's players, allegedly their best, fell during a play. Since the referee did not foul EABH, it seems like she slipped. Sadly, the injury was grave and the player had to leave the field in an ambulance, which took several minutes off of the first half. Later on, some of Barra's students told us that she had dislocated her meniscus.

After this unfortunate incident, the match went on normally, and the Lady Hawks opened up the scoreboard with a goal from Marina. However, this would be all for the first half.

What succeeded halftime was even more exciting. Firstly, Laura scored a goal, which turned out to be offside to the despair of the crowd. Anna Flavia Escobar then nutmegged one of Barra's players, bringing lots of excitement to the stand. Finally, Marina, once again, managed her way into the big box and scored her second, which came with a little help from the defenders.

The final scoreboard was 2 - 0 for EABH, putting the Lady Hawks in the finals for Women's Soccer! The last game will be disputed with Nations, which won against PASB in the semi-finals after disputed penalty kicks.

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