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Women Soccer: EABH Ties with PASB - 03/30

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

The second soccer game of the Lady Hawks was against PASB – one of the favorites for this year’s title. Throughout the match, the weather was unstable, switching between intense rain and a slight drizzle, which increased the overall difficulty of the match for both sides.

The first half was, according to most people on the grandstand, quite uneventful. No goals were scored on either side, and the defenders made a good job of defusing plays. While scoring was scarce, there were several faults. Team captain, Ana Flávia Escobar (4), suffered one of the heaviest ones; she seemed injured at first, having to leave the pitch, but she was later subbed back in the second half. After the first twenty minutes, both teams seemed to be at the same level, and viewers expected a fierce second half.

Fierceness, however, did not follow. The game during the second half was much like the first one, ending with 0 - 0 scoreboard. Thankfully, during the group phase, the looming threat of a decision by penalties does not exist. Therefore, both teams seemed pretty satisfied with the results, especially considering that both are among the strongest in the league.

Tomorrow, EABH’s girl's soccer team will face OLM at 9:15 AM. Once again, the game will be streamed on NR’s Youtube Channel, and the Daily Hawk will be on-site with photos and articles.

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