Covid Confessions

What's something weird/funny you've done during quarantine?

"My dog bit me, so I bit him back"

"I haven't washed my hair in two weeks"

"Glued my fingers together"

"I woke up at 6pm on the holidays. What even is time?"

"I built a shrine in my closet"

"I've been wearing the same pair of pants for almost all of quarantine"

"Put milk before my cereal"

"I baked four different cakes in a day"

"Shaved my head"

What did you leave at school that might be a problem?

"Candy in my desk that is probably swarming with ants by now..."

"Bruh...idk but I will certainly scream when I find out what"

"Honestly, in the past year I have only touched my locker 5 times and now i have no idea which locker is mine, nor do I know my password"

"I definitely left food in my locker..."

"I think I left my will to exercise there, cause I can't find any."

"My productivity"

What weird things are your family members up to?

"They are even more annoying than I expected"

"My mom talks more to our dogs than to humans."

"My mum is realllllllllllllllllllly loud."

"My brother can somehow scream like a dying cat."

"My mom is addictive to Spotify"

"My dad can imitate a cow perfectly"

"We all get vulnerable and needy"

"That my mom is actually a really good cook"

"My dad is finally learning to use the internet... I'm now getting daily youtube links in my email :/"

"That it's not healthy to be in closed quarters with someone for such a long period of time"

Covid Clarities

"It's been, crazy..."

"Sometimes I dream about coming back to the school and my students."

"I am ready for all of this to be over now."

"A hug from a friend would feel really good right now."

"It seems like it's Groundhog Day teachers edition"

"I love y'all. Be safe."

Senior Crossword

Secret Message:

10 Down, 1st letter-16 Across, 2nd letter-12 Across, 5th letter-6 Down 9th letter-7 Across, 4th letter-1 Down 2nd letter-5 Down 5th letter-2 Down 5th letter

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