Words of Wisdom

Class of 2021

Senior Interviews

    Best moments/memories in school

Ana Helena C.

I've been here for a long time, so there are several of them but all of them are not big moments, it is just a collection of small moments with friends that I had, just like small routines that we used to have at school. For example,, sitting outside during lunch and just talking or going to the library, playing UNO (because sometimes I brought my cards), so it is not one specific moment, just the collection of things we did, I will remember them for sure.

The best moments in school were when me and my friends used to sit at the back of the school and stay there after lunch just chatting and feeding the little monkeys.

Anne M.

Artur C.

The best moments we had at school were during lunch whenever me and my friends stayed in the cafeteria just talking during the whale lunch, because we were all together and i miss that.

Beatriz M.

The best moments in school for me were all the times when everyone was able to just chat and make jokes. I only came to EABH this school year, so I don’t really have any in person memories.

Ester F.

Carolina M.

Carlos P.

Conversations during classes and pep rallies.

Felipe M.

The best moments in the school I had was messing around with friends in the cafeteria and school lead events like the food fair and festa junina.

Guilherme D.

My best moments in high school were one each year. In my first one, it was the last year with my childhood friends in a Brazilian school. The next year, I went back to my home country, Chile, and stayed there for a semester. Back in Brazil, I started to study in EABH and lived the best academic and social moments of my life.

Henrique V.

The arvorismo field trip in 10th grade.

The senior breakfast was definitely one of the highlights of my senior year

Lucas L.

Juan M.

Senior appreciation breakfast.

Mohamed A.

 ISSL at EABH is a lot of fun but in general I would say the people. Friends I made, teachers and that stuff. In ISSL the whole bus trip -- it just gets kinda crazy at the bus cause it's like, we are in a bus for a while and it is really fun, there is a lot of music, people fooling around and there is like a noise rule that people don't usually follow. The rooms are really close, filled with guys where pranks go on and also games.

Juana M.

I was only in school a month before the quarantine started, but I think the best thing was that: that month of normal life, when we saw each other every day and did normal things like talk to my friends in class, eat lunch next to the lockers while we finished the pre-calc homework, celebrate birthdays in the science lab with Mr. Dave’s cakes, and all those little but unforgettable moments.

Pâmela O.

Pedro M.

Senior breakfast.

Stephanie V.

Probably when book fair and food fair were together, because it’s just food and books… And really what else could you possibly want from a school?

Sofia P.

My best moments at school were many but the moments we spent as a class breaking the boards with Mr. Dave and Mr. B, when we went to the Arvorismo as a class, all of the ISSL's I participated in were the best moments at EABH.

Viktoria B.

Lunch breaks or online AP classes