Somewhere Over the Rainbow: A Playlist

By Stephanie Vasconcellos

  • Sober by Lorde

    • ​In order to talk about Sober II, I must first talk about Melodrama (the album it’s in).  It is simply glorious, Lorde formatted it to resemble a Greek tragedy and so every single song is somehow connected. The album goes through the stages of heartbreak, but as one big party metaphor, so, by the time you are finished listening, not only do you feel like you have partied with Lorde, you feel as if you have gone through her heartbreak with her as well.  I find it funny that Sober II (my favorite Lorde song) is the 7th song in the album, 7 also happens to be my lucky number and my birthday (7/7). Nonetheless, all I have to say is while I die, I want this song to be playing in the background. Yes, it's that good. If this song was a color it would be black, but the darkest black you can find.

  • The Last Great American Dynasty by Taylor Swift

    • ​The Last Great American Dynasty or TLGAD for short, is the third song on Taylor Swift’s most recent album Folklore. It is no secret I am a huge Swiftie (Taylor Swift fan), and I found this entire album to be a masterpiece. It is Taylor’s best lyricism to date (which says a lot given she is known for her songwriting) and her most profound work yet. TLGAD still gives me goosebumps despite the fact I have played it repeatedly for three months now.  The song is about socialite Rebekah Harkness, the old owner of Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island home. Not only did Swift write about Harkness’s absolutely glamorous life, she also drew similarities between both of their lives and how the public treated them. Two words: absolutely brilliant!  If this song was a color, it would be a tone of gray that resembles the famous Rhode Island fog that Swift beautifully describes in her album Folklore.

  • Train Wreck by James Arthur

    • ​All cards on the table, I have an addiction to fanfiction. And as all professional readers know, a soundtrack can make even the feeblest works sound like a Jane Austen novel. Train Wreck is heartbreaking, you can hear the pain in James Arthur’s voice and it brings angst fanfiction to a whole different level. So if like myself, you can’t live without good fanfic, give this a listen. If this song was a color, it would be what I like to call, Draco Malfoy green.

  • Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay

    • ​Hymn for the Weekend is, in my opinion, everything a pop song should be. The melody and vocals mesh so beautifully in this, and, although it has that typical bubblegum pop sound, it still manages to sound absolutely unique and is one of the few songs I never get tired of. One thing is for sure, this is what you will listen to when you go to heaven. If this song was a color it would be the entire rainbow.

  • Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys

    • ​Alex Turner (the lead singer of Arctic Monkeys) is one of the few (real) people I would do absolutely everything and anything for. The power he exerts is unbelievable and his vocals are absolutely petrifying in the best sense of the word. Do I Wanna Know? In particular, makes me feel like I'm drowning, and the entire AM album (where it can be found), makes me feel like the most powerful being alive. If this song was a color it would be bright purple.

  • Maria by Hwa Sa

    • ​Hwa Sa is absolutely impeccable, even though I don’t understand a single word she says, her music always makes me feel like I am on top of the world. Maria, like Hymn for the Weekend, is everything pop should be: catchy, unique, and fun. If this song was a color it would be bubblegum pink.

  • Hotel San Diego by Jão

    • ​Last but not least, Hotel San Diego. This song is masterfully written and feels more like a story than a song, it is so graphic and melodic you can’t help but experience and feel everything the “characters” are going through. If this song were a color, it would be a deep navy blue.

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