EABH Hawks

        The EABH Athletic Department and your Student Athletic Leadership Council (SALC) are proud to announce that we will have an amazing online athletic event this semester: The 2nd EABH´s Virtual Season II! This event will take place on Thursday, May 13, and our Futsal And Volleyball Coaches have come up with creative challenges for our athletes to test (and show) their abilities!

        Our athletes have been training hard following the instructions posted daily by the Athletic Department!

        Due to the pandemic, the 2020-2021 I.S.S.L. Season I tournament was canceled. However, your EABH Hawks Athletic department went once again above and beyond to keep its athletes motivated and engaged, and invited 4 other international schools that have been valuable members of the I.S.S.L. since its creation, and are also members of AASB, to participate in the first ever High Five Virtual Sports Challenge. To kick off this challenge, Spirit Days and a Pep Rally were in order!


Check out the images and video below in case you missed it!


WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 21.00.47.jp

President: Sofia P. (G12)                                                        Vice President: Guilherme D. (G12)

Secretary: Carlos P. (G12)                                                      Treasurer: Lucas C. (G10)

        The Mighty Hawks and the"returned" from the High Five Virtual Sports Challenge with top 3 team certificates/awards in all sports. On the first day, the boys won third place in the soccer competition while the girls won second place! On the second day, when the basketball competition took place, both the Mighty Hawks and the Lady Hawks won first place!





Student Athletic Leadership Council

Message from the SALC

        This year the Student Athletic Leadership Council had to innovate on what to do for our traditional Pep Rally. SALC members decided to create an amazing video with all of our athletes participating in this season's sports (soccer and basketball). Unfortunately, we couldn't do this in person due to the situation we are living in nowadays, although, we made sure to make this event as amazing as possible so our athletes could enjoy it. Each athlete had to record a 5-second video to present themselves and Lucas Chen (SALC treasurer) edited them all. The video was indeed amazing. The SALC members also sang the EABH Fight Song and Guilherme Dias (SALC Vice-President) edited the song with the Notre Dame University instrumental. Please check out the song and the video and enjoy it!

        Usually, after the pep rally, athletes travel to Sapucai Mirim where our tournaments are located. Since the ISSL couldn’t take place this year, however, Coach Serafini and Coaches/Athletic Directors from the other four schools decided to create an outstanding virtual event. The event was named as High Five virtual sports challenge in which the other 5 schools participated, which were American School of Recife, Panamerican School of Porto Alegre, Pan American School of Bahia, and School of the Nations. The event lasted two days, the first being a soccer challenge with a ball made of soccer and the second day as a basketball challenge doing scissors with a ball. 

        We are very thankful for all Athletic Directors and Coaches who worked hard to make the best out of this wonderful event. We are very glad that our Lady Hawks won second place in soccer challenge and the Hawks won third place. On the second day of the tournament the Lady Hawks won First place and so did the Hawks!!! We are very proud of all of you athletes that dedicated your time to participate in this incredible experience