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        Due to the pandemic, the 2020-2021 I.S.S.L. Season I tournament was cancelled. However, your EABH Hawks Athletic department went once again above and beyond to keep its athletes motivated and engaged, and invited 4 other international schools that have been valuable members of the I.S.S.L. since its creation, and are also members of AASB, to participate in the first ever virtual sports challenge.

        Your EABH Hawks Athletic Department will organize the High Five Virtual Sports Challenge on October 1st and October 2nd replacing the I.S.S.L. Season I tournament. Confirmed participating schools as of September 4th are: EABH (Host School), Nations, PASB, and PASPOA. 

        Nevertheless, organization of event is happening. Event is consisted of basketball and soccer virtual challenges. Schools will compete against each other. Winners will receive an electronic certificate.


        Also, regular scheduled EABH HAWKS practices/activities begin next week. EABH will offer live practices and posted activities to help student-athletes improve their physical conditioning and their bball, soccer, and vball technical level while in the comfort of their own homes.


Student Athletic Leadership Council

President: Sofia P. (G12)                                                        Vice President: Guilherme D. (G12)

Secretary: Carlos P. (G12)                                                      Treasurer: Lucas C. (G10)

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