Democracy at work!

Vice-president: Luma Barreto 

President: Kate Dempsey 

Treasurer: Lucas Chen

STUCO Suggestion Box!

The EABH Student Council is a very important organization in our community. The main purposes of this organization include: seeking the best interests of the EABH student body, fostering a spirit of cooperation among students and faculty, and promoting and encouraging activities in the best interest of the school. The participants of this organization develop the character of being good citizens and leaders through experience in government, and Council members also serve as positive examples both in and out of the classroom, so that students become more engaged in their community.


The organization is represented based on the Executive Branch of the United States, with a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Reporter. In this form student representatives and officers are usually elected from and by the student body, although there may be prerequisites for candidacy or suffrage. Upper School and Grades 2 - 5th Class Representatives are also elected, and compose the board of the entire Student Council.

Our organization is composed of the following students:


President:  Kate D. (10th Grade)

Vice - President: Luma B. (10th Grade)

Secretary: Ester F. (11th Grade)

Treasurer: Lucas C. (9th Grade)

Reporter: Alice C. (9th Grade)


Class Representatives:

12th Grade - Daniel Souza

11th Grade- Viktoria Braun

10th Grade- Júlia Lima

9th Grade- Constanza Lemos

8th Grade - Ted Mason

7th Grade- Tatiana Chen

6th Grade- Mariana de Castro

Stay Tuned for G2-5 Election Results, Coming Soon!

Advisor: Ms. Bueno/Ms. Marina


We will be always here for all your concerns, ideas and suggestions! You can truly count on each one of us.

Source: Lucca Moreira, ISSL Rally

Source: Lucca Moreira, ISSL Rally

Source: PTA Bake Sale, EABH Instagram

Source: Spirit Week Pajama Day, EABH Instagram



EABH Student Council is always participating in the school events. Our major fundraiser is selling drinks on Bake Sale and bigger events. Spirit Days, occurred from September 24 - 26th was amazing! Students and teachers came with pajamas, crazy and representing their EABH School Color. The environment was full of spirit and happiness towards our athletes going to ISSL! Teacher’s Day was amazing! Upper school teachers received a card from StuCo with their pictures, showing how students appreciate them! Halloween is coming, and spooky doors championship too! Hope all the classes have great ideas to costume their door during advisory, and let’s see who wins...

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