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Hello everyone! StuCo has some exciting, yet very important news to share! Next week we will have our own activities during school hours for everyone to engage in conversations and dive into some entertainment. The first two days, we will have special Festa Junina themed activities such as: 

- holiday foods (teaching session)
- Kahoots about Festa Junina
- Jeopardy Junino
- Forró dance classes and more..


For the other days, we will have some other featured activities ranging from Gartic sessions with your friends to Karaoke competitions with Mr. B and Mr. Dave and more... Stay tuned for more info on the schedule and links for each activity and make sure to join the Zoom to enjoy the last week with your friends and adored staff.


Another pressing matter is our upcoming officer elections happening on Wednesday, June 9th! Please make sure to join the given link and carefully listen to all candidates speeches and vote based on their performance and not on friendship! The speeches will be will read in the morning and the results will be announced later in the afternoon! Please remember the voting Forms will be open to all students until 15:00 when we will stop accepting responses! Good luck to all candidates! 

Kind regards,

President: Luma B. (G11)

Vice-President: Edward M.

Secretary: Luiza M. (G9)

Reporter: Júlia L. (G11)

Treasurer: Amartya S. (G11)

Class representatives:

G6: Chase M.

G7: Mariana G.

G8: Julie G.

G9: Clara M.

G10: Nicole D.

G11: Lorenzo L.

G12: Viktoria B.

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