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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a topic that can be debated for days. Sure there might be some negative points which it contains but like everything, it is improving. Every day, a lot of solar panels are being installed and renewable energy is rapidly growing. In the year 2020, renewable energy was used more than ever. And now, we have more proof of why this world needs renewable energy. 


Renewable energy is required for a better and sustainable world. According to an article published by the “CRS”,  “Producing energy from non-renewable energy takes a severe toll on our environment, polluting our air, land, and water.” With no doubt, this is true. With renewable energy, the world will be so much cleaner because it won’t emit any type of harmful gases to our environment. This will make our environment and community much more safe and clean to live in. 


Another good reason why the world needs renewable energy is that, according to “Lumen”,  “85% of the energy used in the USA is non-renewable and it will eventually deplete, unlike renewable energy.” Once again, this is very true. Renewable energy will never end because it only uses renewable sources including solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy. Many countries including China, the USA, Japan, India, and Brazil have seen this and are taking action. One great example would be that China is the country that has used more renewable energy than any other country. They depend on renewable energy in their cars, houses, and many more. 


Seeing that China has spent so much effort on renewable energy, let’s talk about the Gigafactory in Shanghai, China. Let’s just say it is a big factory for those who do not know what a Gigafactory is. It can make up to 3 million batteries per day and might just power the whole world soon. But that’s not what is awesome about this. In an article written by the “Borgen Project,” it says, “ The Gigafactory has already employed 2000+ people and this amount is growing. This will help the Chinese people a lot shortly.” This is also correct. The Gigafactory is giving many people jobs and all of these people are working hard for their country, and it is all paying off. Their work is eliminating non-renewable energy in their country and it is helping them a lot. 


Last but not least, renewable energy is helping many different people from many parts of the world. To prove this, in an article written by “BioEnergy Consult”, “ Renewable energy is a warranty for human survival.” Even though this might sound a little too extreme, it is very real. As previously stated, renewable energy does not emit toxic gases to our environment. Using renewable energy will clean the community and the environment. On the other hand, using non-renewable energy will continue to pollute the environment and make our world a worse place to live in. Another reason supporting this article is that renewable energy is making many jobs for the community. It is helping people, the economy, and eventually the world. 


Renewable energy will improve the world in ways that we cannot think of. It might take effect immediately, but it will happen. Like someone once said, “Small acts can make big changes,” and we want to take action. For our exhibition, we made a mini-game for you to learn a little more about renewable energy. Be sure to pay attention because you will be challenged with a quiz! We hope you enjoy this game and have some fun. Always remember though, renewable energy will be the future

Check out our game about renewable energy!

By Agastya Singh

Hi Eabh Community, my name is Daniel Baratz, I am now in 5th Grade, doing the Exhibition. My Topic is Endangered Species and I and my group have been interviewing people that are experts on our topic. 


My interview was with  World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)  Brasil, which is a society where people can donate and or buy things. This society helps endangered or almost extinct animals, and I trust this company, so I decided to help! Some other company's you can donate to are Animal Planet, National Geographic, etc...


My idea is to donate and encourage people to donate to this organization or any other trusted organization such as Projeto Tamar. These organizations use the money to help animals, so please help us donate to an organization you trust and know will use the money to help.


WWF Brasil is a company that care's about the ecosystem and wants to help the world so it can stay balanced, but some people are destroying our world by just thinking of themselves and forgetting the world is ours too. The best thing we can do is donate so these companies like WWF can help to pass laws to eliminate hunting and protect our environment against those people that are taking the life out of our world.


My group and I are researching this topic so we can make a difference in the world. We created a website so people could read and get into our topic and try to help as we are doing. Our world is getting lost in the human head and they are thinking that the world is a toy they can play with, but by doing that, they are limiting the future of our planet and with the future of humans.

Here is the link for our site: Weebly Editor make sure to check it so you can learn more!!