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student spotlight

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2nd Grade Auction!

Second grade students were studying economics, and had to create an advertisement and product or service which were then auctioned off via Zoom so that the kids could sell their services. Students could bid on auction items using points they gathered over the past few weeks by doing their work and demonstrating good behavior. One of the things auctioned off was a spot in the Daily Hawk Student Spotlight! The students recognized below were the ones who bid the highest for being spotlit here! Way to go!

2nd Grade Creative Ads and Letters!

Marco chose to feature a letter he wrote to Luis, a second grade student in Canada. In second grade over the past 2 months, students have been writing letters with other students in Alberta, Canada, Texas, USA and Medellin, Colombia.

Sofia chose to spotlight the ad she created for the makeup class she auctioned off last week at the second grade auction. The auction was part of the economics unit 2nd graders just finished.

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