The crow

Pt 2

By Anonymous

Some time later, the ambulance and the firefighters came and found the crow and the cat. They released both of them  into the wild, and gathered the man’s now melted body, which was already beginning to decompose to bone.


One week later in Aurora Beach city: A small apartment, cramped with papers for college, furniture, and this young man with his dog.

[Young Man] “God!I am so late with these papers!” Kyle Watson, a college senior in sociology, fretted.

[Female Voice] “Don’t worry about it Kyle, it will be all over soon.”

The owner of the voice was Lauren, Lauren Caddel: Kyle’s girlfriend. She had stunning black hair, and a warm smile. They both hugged and Kyle sighed. 

[kyle] “I wished there was more that I could do, you know?” 

There was a knock in the door, and Kyle shouted,


He opened the door and there stood a big and old friend of his, Matthew Anderson

[Matt] “Hey bro! How are you doing? Been a long time hm? But don’t be sad my man, cause I brought… guess what!”

[Kyle] “What?” 

[Matt] “I brought sushi, specifically, salmon-- your favorite!”

Poe entered the apartment and gave Kyle a weak punch on the shoulder then exclaimed, “LET’S EAT!”

Kyle, Lauren and Poe started to eat when Lauren said, “hm… I better get going to my apartment, it’s getting late, and I have class tomorrow. Bye guys!” Lauren walked to the door and left.


“Well, more for us! Right?” Matt exclaimed.

“Yeah man, more for us,” Kyle replied, sounding sad.

“Dude, what is it with you? Are you okay?”

“Look Matt, I know that you are Night Ninja, the world famous superhero, but that is really risky, and I don’t want to lose a friend.”

[Matt]“what? Nooo, noo, no, that is not true, he he he”


[Kyle] “Dude, you are really bad at lying, you know that right?

[Matt] “Yeah, I know.”

It was late and Matthew had to go home, he said goodbye and left Kyle’s apartment and Kyle’s dog, Ruffus went there and jumped on his belly

The next day was raining heavily but Kyle decided to take Ruffus for a walk. They were outside of the apartment’s gate, when suddenly a black bird hit Kyle’s chest and fell hard to the ground.

“What is a crow doing here?” Kyle asked.

Rufus barked in warning butKyle ignored him, grabbed the crow from the floor and holding him in front of his face, analysing it closely. Rufus leaned against  Kyle’s legs, when all of a sudden, everything went dark.

He woke up in a hospital, dizzy and confused. The door to his room opened, and a tall man with a long beard appeared.

[Doctor]“Helloo Kyle, my name is Drew and I will be evaluating you today.” [Kyle] “WHERE IS MY DOG?!? WHAT HAPPENED??”

[Drew]”Well, it seems that you and your dog were both struck by lightning. [Kyle] “Oh my gosh, is Ruffus ok?” [Drew] “Yes,your dog is ok, he is at the vet right on the other side of the street, ok?”

  Three days passed before Kyle was released from the hospital. He got Rufus and went to his apartment. When he got there, he found Lauren, sitting on the sofa, looking deep into Kyle’s eyes like she had a freeze sight.

[Lauren]”Where were you two, I was worried sick!”

When suddenly Ruffus said, “Oh we were in the hospital but we’re  fine.”

Lauren and Kyle stared at each other with bewildered expressions. “Did...Rufus...just talk?”

“Yes! I can finally speak!” Rufus replied.

“All right, where the hell were you two?!” Lauren asked.

“I, I mean, we can explain later, I think I’ve got to go to the bathroom,” Kyle replied.

Kyle walked perplexedly to the bathroom, thinking about what he had just witnessed. When he went to flush the toilet, out of nowhere the toilet cracked in half.

Kyle “Ok, what is happening here, my dog starts talking and suddenly I can break toilets in half!?” Kyle exclaimed to himself.

Kyle walked out of the bathroom and looked at Lauren. She was also confused out of her mind, not understanding how he had just broken the toilet in half. 

“Now what, you go away for THREE DAYS, and you have powers!?” Lauren asked.

[Kyle] “I think that toilet was really old, it would have broken one day…”

[Lauren] “No way. You have to tell me what happened to cause this.”

Kyle explained the whole story, from when he went on his normal walk, to when the doctor said that he was struck by lightning. Lauren paid close attention to every detail of the story, with a very serious face. After he explained, she gave Kyle a goodnight and slowly walked away from his apartment.