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what's coming

By Beatriz Fonseca 

After a year of tragic events, from the death of nationally-acclaimed figures up to fires and mudslides that devastated everything in their path, most of us gave into superstition, in the hope that 2020 would take away all our sorrows and feel like a breath of fresh air. We came into the new year in the spirit of the new beginning we deserved; but I think that after receiving the news of the Australian fires on the second day of 2020 and, in the following one, the announcement of a possible World War III between the U.S. and Iran, closely followed by news of the novel coronavirus...it’s safe to say we were all pretty disappointed. 


2020 started off on the wrong foot--but don’t be mistaken, this year still holds a lot of pleasant surprises. By presenting predictions and table-turning creations that are expected to be released in the near future, my goal here is to make you feel optimistic about this new year, while also showing some things to be prepared for, so you can know (a bit of) what is in store for 2020.