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Yes for a Day

One of my favorite Jim Carrey movies EVER (after Bruce Almighty ofc) is Yes Man. The plot goes as follows (*Spoiler Alert*) “A man challenges himself to say "yes" to everything for an entire year.” (IMDb) I’m not going to lie, I tend to be a very negative person, and I’m not entirely satisfied with my life right now (but then again, what teenager is?), and like most teens, I seek solutions in pop culture. In the movie,  Jim Carrey manages to turn his life around by just simply saying yes, so of course I assumed I could do the same. 


Mamma Mia! How wrong I was. 


I decided that I would force myself to answer all requests with a “yes” instead of a “no” for a whole day, but since I was documenting my day to share it on The Daily Hawk, I needed to establish a few ground rules for my safety, and so that the project would be approved by the school. 


The rules were simple: 


  1. The requests could not go against the student handbook

  2. The requests could not take longer than five minutes to complete 

  3. Teachers had the power to “veto” a request 

  4. My yes day began at 7:45 am and ended at 3:00 pm

  5. I would only accept requests made by teachers and the eleventh grade class 


To put it lightly, my day was a disaster. I am certain it will go down as one of the worst days of my life. I arrived late (partly because of the rain, partly because I was trying to avoid the inevitable). And as I expected, as soon as I entered the classroom I was swarmed with requests, most asked me for gum (which thankfully I didn’t have), Henrique being the sweetheart that he is asked me for a hug, and Pamela Oliveira, the infamous villain of our story, asked me for a hand massage--I hadn’t even put my bag down yet. 

Thankfully, the wonderful Miss Taina asked me to sit down before Pamela’s five minutes were over, and told me to work, which I happily obliged, however, my rest was cut short when the snack bell rang. 

My snack was considerably better than I expected it to be: a few of my friends asked for hugs, and Carolina Maia had a blast making me do stupid things like step on puddles, scream out the lyrics for Baby by Justin Bieber and annoy Mr Bricio. Nonetheless, like every great story, terror is about to strike. 


Miss Claudia's Class. 



If there is one thing you should know about Carlos Eduardo Gontijo Pinto*, it is that he thoroughly enjoys annoying people. Like it’s his hobby.  He especially relishes in annoying me. Therefore, it came as no surprise when he did all he could to make my day the worst day ever. His requests ranged from little things like making me answer stupid questions like “is this the best day ever?” and “are you having fun?” to making me sing in front of the whole class. 


A nightmare, honestly. 


But that wasn’t even the worst thing I had to do in that class, I also had to declare my undying love for a classmate--yes, I know, so embarrassing. 


The only person who abused “yes day” more than Carlos was Pamela. She made me carry her bag, get her juice and a banana, peel her banana, throw her banana peel in the trash--and massage her again. 


During our last period (Portuguese), she united forces with Carlos, Carol, and Sofia to make me sing again (the song was Shallow, in case you are wondering). My last request of the day was nothing compared to what I had already done, but nonetheless, annoying: I had to tie my shoes together and walk around. 


In conclusion, Yes Day sucked. I felt like a slave, and I will never do anything for anyone ever again, “Yes Man” is a farce, this method doesn’t “make your life better” it makes it worse. So don't do it--or maybe don’t tell people you’re doing it who will take advantage of it, like the 11th graders. 

*Carlos Pinto disagrees with the statement yet understands the importance of individuality of opinions.