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24-25 StuCo Elections Results

With handmade posters, energetic conversations, and anticipation hanging in the air, students at EABH eagerly participated in the democratic process this April 24. It was a day filled with excitement and enthusiasm as the student body gathered to cast their votes and elect their representatives for the 2024-2025 Student Council. From rising freshmen to rising seniors, StuCo had heaps of candidates this year, promising an engaging and competitive election day at EABH. 

The elections began with a gentle reminder from Ms. Sadie about the importance of PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) emphasizing the need of showing respect for our candidates by not talking and using phones during the assembly. The floor was then given to Anabella Delgado, President of EABelong, and Larissa Ragonessi. They both passionately addressed autism awareness, highlighting the upcoming club events for the following week, reminding us that “autism isn't a disability, it's just a different ability.” Following their inspiring speech, Julia Ribeiro, our current StuCo president, took the stage to remind us to vote wisely, urging the importance of choosing based on merit, not friendship. She then formally introduced each candidate to the audience. 

The spotlight was then shifted to the candidates for the reporter position, beginning with Clara Ribeiro, a rising freshman. Clara presented herself and her abilities with confidence, citing her experience as president of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). She reinforced how this position had strengthened her leadership skills, preparing her to excel as a reporter. Additionally, Clara emphasizes her role as a class representative, highlighting her understanding of how the Student Council works and her desire to make a valuable contribution. Following Clara's Ribeiro speech, the attention shifted to Julia Jorge, a rising Junior determined to secure the position of reporter. Julia emphasized her set of abilities essential to the role. She shared her experience attending a summer camp focusing on public speaking skills and pointed out her MYP Personal Project, which was linked to social media, demonstrating her familiarity with the platform crucial for the reporter position. 

Next in line were the candidates for the position of treasurer, starting with Helena Dias, a rising freshman. Helena asserted her capability to succeed in the treasurer role, stating her organization and responsibility qualities. She used her experience as the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) vice president to highlight her leadership skills, demonstrating her ability to effectively manage responsibility and finances. Taking the Stage after Helena Dias was Leticia Fialho, a current 9th grader, who presented her vision for the ideal treasurer. She underlined the importance of being extremely organized, always being ahead of time, and maintaining transparency — qualities she believed she possessed. She has also shown her genuine interest in finance, demonstrating her will to fulfill the duties of a treasurer. As the final candidate for the treasurer position, Tiago Loures, a rising senior, entered the stage with a burst of loud whistles and cheers from the crowd. After 12 years at the school, Tiago stated that he had a deep understanding of the expectations and responsibilities associated with being a Student Council officer. Speaking with conviction, he promised to put in the most effort and efficiency in the position if elected.  

With the inspiring quote “The art of communication is the language of leadership” setting the tone, Bianca Birman, a rising freshman, took the stage as the first candidate for the secretary position. With assurance, Bianca stated that she was committed to enhancing communication within the Student Council, stressing her dedication to being one step ahead in StuCo communication. Continuing with the 8th grade candidates, Laura Lima introduced herself as an active person within the school community, bridging out her involvement as a Secretary in the Robotics Club and her role as a class representative. She also emphasized her academic competence, showcasing her diverse range of leadership skills. Over the loud cheers and chants of encouragement, rising sophomore Stella Vorcaro stepped up to give her speech. Stella acknowledged the secretary position as a new challenge, expressing her commitment to make a positive impact on the school. She reinforced her academic success and her strong relationships with both teachers and peers. Stella, who has been part of EABH since 2017, viewed this as an opportunity to return the favor to the school that helped her shape her identity. 

Taking the stage as the first candidate for the vice president position, Isabela Margalith, a rising freshman, made it clear that she wasn't seeking the position just to have the title, but rather to enhance the school experience for her peers. By using her experience in the Student Council and her current role as the vice president of the Robotics Club, Isabela showcased her leadership skills and familiarity with the role. Following Isabela's inspiring speech, Carolina Bonato, a current 9th grade student, assumed the stage. Carolina shared her strong bond with the EABH community, having been a part of it since 2011, and witnessing its growth over the years. Now, she expressed her desire to become an active voice and make a difference within the school. She has demonstrated her preparation for the role through clubs such as NJHS, Leadership and Service Club, and MUN, where she earned an outstanding delegation award in her first conference, illustrating her leadership and communication skills. With loud cheers, João Mauricio, known as Maumau, took the stage. Without a speech in his hands, the rising sophomore introduced himself confidently, expressing his love for the club and emphasizing the significance of StuCo for the community. Last but not least, Ana Clara Quintão, a rising junior, delivered a captivating speech. After attending the school for eleven years, she expressed her strong bond with EABH, viewing it as her second home. Citing her participation in NHS, her leadership position in her church, and her position as vice-president of the Leadership and Service Club, Ana Clara provided her qualifications for the role of vice-president.

As the presidential candidates took the stage to conclude the elections, students listened intently, knowing the presidency of the student body is no joke! Chase Mason, a rising sophomore, took the stage among cheers and even posters! With rapt attention from his peers, Chase began by emphasizing his long 11-year journey at EABH, showcasing the participation of his entire family in the school community. Having been a part of the Student Council for the last two years, Chase assured that he was prepared to assume the role of president, citing his abilities and understanding of the dynamics of the club. And strongly believes that the student council is a “Group of students who desire to make the school a better place”. Next, Larissa Ragonesi, a rising senior and current vice-president of the Student Council, confidently affirms that she is prepared to serve as president. She declares that throughout her whole high school career, she has been prepared for this moment. From being class representative to holding the position of StuCo vice-president, she has learned firsthand the power of passion and dedication in leadership roles. She clarifies that becoming president is not just about holding a high position but the wrap-up of her journey at EABH.  

To close the elections, Julia Ribeiro returned to the stage to wish everyone good luck and encourage students to vote wisely. Following her, Ms. Ruth expressed gratitude to the students for their excellent behavior during the assembly, “Thank you for soaring like Hawks!”

The results left everyone on edge since they were supposed to be out at 3:00 pm but were delayed by 10 minutes. The student body appreciates everyone who had the courage and the will to speak up and run for candidacy. For the ones who did succeed, there will be opportunities next year and numerous leadership roles in clubs throughout the school. That being said, congratulations to the elected officers for the 2024-2025 school year: Clara Ribeiro as Reporter, Helena Dias as Treasurer, Stella Vorcaro as Secretary, Ana Clara Quintão as Vice-President, and finally, congratulations to Larissa Ragonesi, the President of the 2024-2025 Student Council!

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