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5 Clubs of EABH

EABH has been experiencing impressive growth in the number of student-led organizations it fosters, so knowing each of them, as well as what they do, is becoming harder. If you are feeling lost and do not know where to start, here is a quick explanation of five of the nineteen clubs we have at school to better understand what their purpose is!

Community Action Club - CAC

Meetings: Thursdays, 1st half of lunch

The Community Action Club works with numerous non-profit organizations, typically through fundraisers at school, and, each month, it contributes to a different Non-Governmental Organization. The club currently has over 40 members who help contribute to the projects organized inside and outside the school.

A little over a year since its founding, the club has already worked with six institutions: the Burma Border Projects, an educational NGO targeting refugees from Myanmar; Casa de Apoio Tina Martins, an NGO that helps women in situations of violence; Projeto ABC, focused on improving education for children; Cãomer, a local animal shelter; Projeto IPESQ, which look after children with microcephaly; and Creche Bom Pastor, that educates and cares for children from underprivileged socioeconomic situations.

Module United Nations - MUN

Meetings: Wednesdays, after school

The Model United Nations Club simulates United Nations committees’ meetings for high school students to learn debate, geopolitics, and international relations. The club also aids in developing leadership and communication skills.

This year, the club has already participated in TBSRJMUN at the British School of Rio de Janeiro and will be attending BRAMUN, Latin America's largest Model United Nations conference. The club will also be in addition to hosting the second edition of EABH's own conference, MinasMUN.

National Honor Society - NHS

Meetings: Wednesday, 2nd half of lunch

The National Honor Society is a prestigious club that selects students from 10th to 12th grade who excel in the NHS pillars: scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

Every year, the club organizes three main projects: Children’s Day Project, Papai Noel dos Correios, and an Easter Project. These three initiatives involve visits to different nurseries, in which members distribute donations and play with the children. Papai Noel dos Correios is the biggest NHS project, collecting over 200 Christmas gifts for the children of Projeto Nave and Casa de Apoio Contagem.

Currently, NHS is planning the Children’s Day Project, which in addition to visits to two creches and the gathering of donations, will host different workshops for the children organized by our members.

Student Council - STUCO

Meetings: Tuesday, 2nd half of lunch

The Student Council is made up of students elected by the entirety of Upper and Lower school students based on their academic merit and leadership skills to represent the student body. This year, the StuCo President is Julia R. (10th), the Vice-President is Larissa R. (11th), the Treasurer is Chase M. (9th), the Secretary is Massimiliano V. (9th), and the Reporter is Laura P. (8th).

The club is involved in organizing many of the school events, such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween. In addition to the officers, the class representatives assist in the preparation of school events and projects. This year, the group includes Sofia L. (G6W), Lorenza B. (G6B), Tiago A. (G7W), Felipe W. (G7B), Manuela F. (G8W), Helena D. (G8B), Stella V. (G9), Manuela E. (G10), Matheus C. (G11), and Anna Flávia E. (G12).


Meetings: Friday, 1st half of lunch

Technovation is a programming and marketing club, in which members are currently programming an app. The club promotes workshops in different areas of technology, marketing, and other coding-related events, including an upcoming city-wide hackathon!

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