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5 ways in which MacOS Monterey Can Make Your Study Life Easier

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

MacOS Monterey is the newest version of the Apple software for its computers, the Macs. It is the 12th version of the MacOS and comes with some exciting features that will boost your performance in school. Some features are not really presented by Apple after the update, so even if you’ve already got it installed on your computer, these tips will be very helpful.

1. SharePlay

This is a feature available not just on your Mac but also on your iPad and iPhone. It allows FaceTime users to share content with others in the call, and the ScreenSharing feature can be very helpful for group school projects, allowing your colleges to see what you are doing and give their opinions.

Another upgrade to FaceTime is that now you can invite friends who use android or windows to participate in your calls with all the features available.

2. Safari Group Tabs

Together with design changes, Safari now has group tabs, a feature used a lot by chrome users, and now with the speed of Safari and this loved feature of Chrome, Apple’s browser is better than ever. Also, the group tabs are available across all of your devices, so you always have your tabs separated and ready to go.

3. Focus

This is by far my favorite feature of the Update, and it is essential while I’m at school. It blocks your notifications, but you can personalize them from who and from which apps you will allow notifications in each different focus settings. At school, for example, only my parents’ notifications are allowed. But different from simple do Not Disturb, is that you can personalize when it is activated not only by time but as I prefer, by Location. Every time I arrive near school, my school focus is activated, while it is also deactivated when I leave it. This is me Using my school focus now, writing this article:

4. Quick Notes

This feature is simply perfect for when you need to take notes of a video, slides, or anything that is on your screen. I personally love using this feature in my AP Human Geo classes and to make drawn calculations on my iPad in math Classes. To create a new quick note, just drag your pointer to the left inferior corner of your screen, or slide from the same corner with your finger or ApplePencil.

5. AirPlay to Mac

Now you can share your screen, music, youtube videos, and slideshow presentations wirelessly to your Mac. This can be very useful when you need to quickly see something in a bigger screen and/or louder speakers.

Now that you know all these exciting features, check if you have already updated to MacOsMonterey by searching on the spotlight (press the magnifier next to your Wi-fi icon or press command-space) for About This Mac. It should look like this:

If not on macOS Monterey, simply click on SoftwareUpdate… and follow the steps!

Image Sources: Apple

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