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A New Hawk’s Nest: TBSRJMUN

The EABH delegates have officially landed in Rio de Janeiro this Friday, September 15th, to attend the TBSRJ MUN. The event is currently being held at The British School of Rio de Janeiro. 

Once our delegates and press arrived at the school, they were taken to the gym to attend the Opening Ceremony. 

Rafaela Pires, the event's Secretary General, commenced the ceremony and, after thanking the leadership team, staff, and teacher's for the success of this event, she introduced the main theme of this conference: let altruism mold the world we dream of. In other words, the aim of this MUN's conference is to work together in order to create realistic and effective solutions. 

To add on to this message, Daniel Cowan, Head of Site, criticized the way in which adults currently deal with problems around the world. He cited issues such as The Russo-Ukrainian War, inflation, and climate change, as examples of pressing global problems that older generations are struggling with. He claimed, however, that future generations are capable of tackling these concerns with more maturity and efficiency. 

Next up to the podium was Mariano Pucciarelli, Chief Operation Officer, and he discussed how imperative it is that delegates come together and find common ground in a respectful and empathetic manner. He stressed that, with the multitude of clashing viewpoints, it is pivotal that people find unity. 

Mariana Martins, the MUN Director, followed, by thanking all of those present for their hard-work and dedication, and celebrating the diverse body of students within the conference. She pointed out that there are 10 different schools present, including Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Campinas, and many others. 

Following, Valentina Zamudio, the Under Secretary General of the UN council committees, presented the topics within each committee. The Historical Security Council will be de-escalating the Cuban Missile Crisis and addressing the threat of communism in the Guatemalan Civil War; the Security Council will be mitigating the political crisis in Myanmar and moderating the ongoing Western Sahara dispute;  the Human Rights Council will be addressing the disproportionate police and armed force interventions against civilians and discussing journalist persecution worldwide; the Political Council will be improving and ensuring the safety of atomic energy production and safeguarding international space law and peaceful uses; lastly, the  Economic and Social Council will be discussing the ethical implications of mandatory military enlistment and addressing the gendered international division of labor that has emerged in free trade zones. 

Diogo Silva, Under Secretary General of the Special Committee, first thanked how the MUN helped him grow tremendously both academically and personally. He then presented the Special Committees and explained what each topic  will cover: The North Atlantic Organization (NATO) will be discussing the Eastern Mediterranean disputes among NATO member states and addressing the involvement of NATO in the Mena region; the Margaret Thatcher's Parliament of the U.K. will be addressing the industrial disputes of the miners' strike in 1984 and debating the national curriculum adopted after the education reform act of 1988; lastly, the Roman Emperor Committee will be deciding the "Great Emperor" of the Roman Empire and discussing the political reforms regarding its maintenance and future. 

To end the presentation for committees, Felipe Trojman, Under Secretary General for Junior Committee, discussed the importance of dialogue and communication. He then presented the following committees: The Olympian Divine State, which will be discussing the consequences for Jason's Theft of the Golden Fleece and tackling the repercussions of Prometheus' defiance of the Olympus Gods, and The Junior Human Rights Council, which will be discussing the regulations of firearm possession and regulating employment ethics in Blue-collar jobs. 

To finalize the opening ceremony, Rafaela Pires declared that TBSRJ has officially commenced! 

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