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A Premature Death

At a hospital, a man lies in a bed in an empty room, with nothing but thoughts and the beeping sound of the heart monitor, he knows that he is sooner or later going to die. This man's name was Nolan Walker, a solitary, yet kind person who wanted as the last dying wish to save somebody’s life by being an organ donor. So he asked his doctor if he could do that, knowing that he would be dead in the next few days. The doctors researched patients that needed organ donation, and after hours of researching, they found a compatible body that could handle Nolan’s organs that really necessitated them.

At the same hospital, in a big room, made for the rich, lies a millionaire, David Lloyd, famous for his oil companies and ​​philanthropy, he had been diagnosed with kidney cancer and needed a compatible donor in order to help him survive the disease. So then he ordered his only son, John Lloyd, to research compatible donors, and after some time, the doctors came to tell David and John that they found a compatible donor, Nolan Walker. David was eager that he would survive, happily knowing that he had found a donor. But John was not, he was hoping that his dad would die so he could have the millionaire heritage

As preparations were being made for the surgery, David was preparing to begin the surgery, when he suddenly thought about how it was possible that all of that work that he did was overwhelming him, and that he should pass it to somebody else, someone younger, more energetic, somebody that he thought he could trust, and the first person to pop up was his beloved son, John Lloyd, so he started writing a letter for his own son for him to discover later as a surprise after Davids surgery hopefully went well. Later that same day, John was taken to the surgery room with his donor, Nolan, to transplant the kidney that would help the millionaire survive, and hours later, after the successful transplant, David lies in his bed, resting from the surgery, when John enters the room, holding a syringe, holding within a deadly poison. John had been corrupted and betrayed by his own mind, going as far as killing his own father to gain his riches quicker knowing that he won't have to wait more time to possess the money.

As John had completed the job of killing his own father, he starts searching the closets in the hospital room trying to find some type of will that David premade in case his surgery went wrong, but what John finds breaks his heart and mind, as he looks at the paper that contained his fathers desire to pass on his riches to his son, he feels his heart climbing up his throat, he cannot believe that he killed his beloved father for nothing, his mind suddenly clears up and he notices the atrocity that he had done, he cannot forgive himself, but he can only think about how depressed he is going to be for the rest of his life, he killed his father by his desire, by rage, by luxury. And the worst part is, betrayal, it never comes from your enemies.

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