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AASB Nationals 2023: Arriving at Rio - 05/19

In the very last month of the academic year, our beloved Hawks have embarked on a quest for yet another adventure: the AASB Final Four Tournament, commonly referred to as Nationals. Through their outstanding performance at ISSL season II, the EABH athletes have managed to qualify three of their teams to participate, and fiercely compete, in this high-profile championship. Women and Men's volleyball and Women's futsal teams have been training endlessly for the past couple of months, and the moment to harvest the fruit of their effort has finally arrived.

Though there were no Spirit Days or Pep Rally to inspire and energize our fighters this time — due to the craziness of AP Season and the sorrows over Senior departure — they stand as motivated as ever. The official championship starts tomorrow and the Hawks will play six games in total, starting as early as 9:15am. The group landed in Rio de Janeiro this afternoon and has since then enjoyed their plans to relax, both physically and mentally, and prepare for the upcoming adrenaline of Nationals — some for the very last time.

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May 20, 2023

Go Hawks!!!

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