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  • Gabriela Muzzi

All Alone

All Alone

Once upon a time there was another spectacular Christmas where houses were all decorated with bright colored lights, decorated trees, family gathering together, sweaters, presents and even the kids waiting for Santa Claus. One house in particular was all dark with no Christmas decorations. There was a lonely man who was sitting on his couch with his arms crossed and an angry expression watching horror movies trying to get out of the Christmas celebration that was everywhere outside. After a long series of movies he decided to finally sleep so he walked to his room all tired, he got to his room and threw himself on the bed. He looked to the side seeing the photo of his mother and cried until he slept. 

On the next day he woke up all tired and went to brush his teeth in the bathroom. He felt that something was wrong but he didn’t know what. As he approached the mirror and started brushing his teeth, he looked at himself and saw his 17 years old self. His eyes wide open and he even started brushing his eyes but no, this is all real. His mother walked through the door,“Merry Christmas Noah!” As his mother spoke the words he couldn’t believe that she was there-- his eyes started to fill with tears, that's when he noticed that he was in his old room “Mom what year is it?” asked Noah with a pale face “Honey it’s 1982 silly!” Said the mom while laughing at him thinking that he is crazy. 

She gets out of the room while Noah sits on a rolling chair and starts thinking he is really crazy, and that all of this was a dream, but that’s when a Christmas elf appears in the corner. He went all calm to the elf still thinking that he was dreaming and touched the elf “God  my imagination is strong!” “You’re not imagining man! This is real, I'm only here to tell you that to get out of this past memory you will have to fix things here to change your miserable Christmas and be Happy!” the elf said with a serious face and Noah started to believe “Why?!” Noah desperately asked, “You already know, you just have to use your mind” after saying that the elf just disappeared in thin air. Noah stayed a short time in his room until his mother called for breakfast. He walked to the dining room looking at everything very slowly and realized this is not just a dream and he had to deal with it. 

Noah got to the living room for the breakfast. He took a seat, and remembered what happened on this day “Mom, Dad, so today in a little while my band will play in a bar” His parents rolled their eyes ``Darling why do you keep playing with this band you have to find a real job.” they said, trying to convince Noah “Mom I know you always want the best for me but-” Noah said “That’s enough son!I want a real future for you, not this hobbie that will just get you broke in the future, no more band!” As Dad said those words Noah started remembering why he left them. “Dad, I'm going to the present, and you can’t stop me!” Noah screamed “If you go don’t come back…”  Said his dad very seriously looking in his eyes with anger, once again Noah left the house. Noah did the show and sang with all his passion. After the show Noah asks one of his friends to sleep in their houses, and one of them agrees. 

While sleeping the elf appeared again “Dude!Why did you leave, AGAIN!” said the elf confused “Because they are wrong!” Noah said angrily to the elf.``Dude, solve your past, this is not working!”, Noah started to be angry so he yelled “No,you don’t know how it is when your parents crush your dreams! I want to go back to my reality!” The elf laughed and said “no man!”.  As the elf disappeared, Noah got agrier and angrier, he flew things to the ground but his friend saw him. His friend got angry and kicked Noah out of the house. Noah starts walking and walking more into the roads until he found a spot he could sleep, while there people passed by him. But this one particular family stopped when they saw him, they gave Noah a meal saying happy Christmas looking so happy. He thought about how he wanted his family to be like that again, so he slept on the ground in the cold of night, still angry at his parents. 

The next day he woke up, and he was in bed again. Noah now was thinking how this weird dream happened and laughing about it in the bed and so he got out to brush his teeth. He walked to the bathroom and looked at the mirror there he was again with a 17 years old face. His Mother walked throught the door again “Merry Christmas Noah!” When his Mom finished these words he knew it was happening again and so he got pale and murmured “NO,NO,NO,NO,NO”. Then Mom asked with a worried face “Are you okay darling?” “Yes mom, merry christmas too!” Noah tried to put a smile on his face like he didn’t know how to even smile. “Okay” said the mom laughing at how strange he was that day. He went to his bed with a big angry face and sat on the bed thinking what he needed to fix, and what he did wrong. Suddenly he had an idea that maybe he had to fix it. Was the fact that he slept on the street so the solution is to find a better place to sleep!That’s what he thought, he didn’t see any wrong in the fight with his parents. This was the only thing he didn’t want to go back to. 

So he went through everything again, the fight, leaving to meet with his band, having to walk, doing the show putting all his heart and feelings into it, and finally they are leaving and he decided to ask a different friend to sleep at his house and fortunately another friend accepted it. But this friend wasn't going to be any better because when they got there he got the surprise that this guy lived in a small house all dirty and with a bad smell and so the friend’s parents were really mad at him to think he could arrange some place so someone else could sleep knowing the tiny house they have. Their parents let Noah stay until he wanted, so Noah stayed there eating and talking with his friend until the time had come and he got out of there. Once again he wasis on the street cold and hungry seeing all of the people passing by. 

But now he didn’t sleep trying to find a good solution, so Noah decided to go to his parents house because it was the only thing he could think of remembering the elf words. So he walked there, but was still sure that they wouldn’t even care about him. He got there and looked through the window  he saw his parents crying and hugging each other “We shouldn’t have said that honey, now we lost him!My baby!” said Noah’s mother sobbing  “Yeah I think I was too rough on him he just wanted to be himself and I didn’t let!” said his dad while looking at their family picture. Noah saw that and realized that all these years he had this image of his parents but he didn’t know the truth so he barged in the house and ran to them. He stopped in front of the living room where the parents were, his parents looked at him with worried eyes and Noah runned to hug them. They sat on the couch and cried a lot, Noah’s parents couldn't stop saying “I'm sorry, and I love you”. After all of this love Noah started feeling tired and went to sleep.

Noah wakes up in the future on his bed, looking around and even in the mirror to see if everything was normal and it is. And now for the rest of the Christmas he is passing together with his family and doing acts of kindness like giving soup to people in the street. Noah had a newly built person and even re-decorated his house. “I can’t believe I had not realized that I was there because of my own wish!” said Noah before the next wonderful year on the day of christmas.

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