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Are Smart Homes Becoming a Reality?

Smart Homes are a concept that has been largely developed throughout the course of years. In the show “The Jetsons”, launched back in 1962, the concept revolved around people having watches interacting with the house, a machine that could produce any object or food wanted, and a house that self-cleans. In 1970, X10 took people the closest they had ever been to having a smart home at the time by connecting multiple devices around the house using remote controls. The high costs needed for professional installation and diverse faults as well as how unsafe it was made people have negative views towards smart homes. However, the creation of smart speakers that integrate other accessories of the house using a wireless connection, without the need for professional installation and accessible costs, made the smart home business grow each time around the world.

The main problem, however, with smart homes nowadays is that you need to choose between the three leading systems, Apple’s HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. The problem with this is that each system offers different advantages for each user. Matter, a new company, tries to solve this problem by creating an ecosystem that integrates all smart devices disregarding their maker. This will revolutionize the industry because no matter what system one chooses, one will have an enormous range of accessories to choose from, from HVAC controllers to simple light switches.

Matter has just come out and it will take some time to get all smart home devices producers to adapt to this new pattern. However, once it is up and running, it will become part of everyone’s daily life.

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