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Arrival at the New Nest: The EABH Hawks Have Reached  ISSL!

With great energy expressed through booming music and exciting games, the EABH Hawks officially arrived at ISSL! Athletes used the long nine hours of the bus ride from the EABH campus to NR at Sapucaí-Mirim (MG)to have fun and rest for the next five days of hard work. This season will be composed of both volleyball and futsal for girls and boys;  this is a first-time experience at ISSL for the futsal Lady Hawks---and, hopefully, a memorable one. 

One day before departure, the school’s athletic department hosted a pep rally to have the entire school demonstrate its spirit and pride in being a Hawk. With a special video and a final run-through high-fiving all students, the senior athletes were incredibly emotional about their ISSL experience coming to an end. With enthusiastic cheers for athletes, all were pumped up with school spirit and motivation to bring victory home. 

After all schools arriving at ISSL were greeted with a hefty barbeque, everyone gathered for the opening ceremony. As a demonstration of trust and respect, all athletes, coaches, advisors, and NR staff stood for the Brazilian, American, and British anthems. Out of tradition, the hosts prepared a video recap of the last ISSL volleyball-futsal season, filled with the most exhilarating highlights of each player. Once the video was over, all the senior athletes were recognized with a standing ovation: once again, an emotional moment for all of those participating in their final ISSL. 

Through the endless celebrations of the beginning of an end for some and a fresh start for others, athletes and coaches were ready to shed blood, sweat, and tears for EABH representation. Despite the challenges that have already made themselves apparent, all have demonstrated their endless desire to overcome the difficulties to become the winners in spirit and trophy count. Go Hawks!

Stay tuned to the Daily Hawk for coverage of games, starting today, April 4th.

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