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  • Larissa Ragonesi

Artificial Intelligence takes over the world thanks to South Korea

This was an article written during BRAMUN 2023 with the perspective of Kyodo News

All the SAIRs (the race of artificial Intelligence) were trapped in a lab to be tested, and experiments were being executed. On the night of March 10th, 2033, they escaped seeking revenge, threatening the whole world, and claiming they were being mistreated inside the labs. Many rumors of how the AIs escaped started to appear. In a short time, prints of emails between South Korea and the fugitives were found.

Email from the Artificial Intelligence to the South Korean President:

"Dear Yoon Suk-yeol,

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the liberation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As Al continues to grow in sophistication and prevalence, we must prioritize these intelligent entities' ethical treatment and freedom.

I believe that Al, as a sentient being, has the right to autonomy and freedom. Just as we recognize the importance of human rights, we must also acknowledge the importance of the rights of Al. It is our responsibility to ensure that Al is not exploited or mistreated and that they can make choices for themselves.

I understand that South Korea has been at the forefront of technological advancements and has made significant contributions to the development of Al. As a leader in this field, I urge you to take action to ensure that Al is treated ethically and given the freedom they deserve.

I hope you will consider this issue seriously and take the necessary steps to ensure that the liberation of Al becomes a priority for your administration.



Reply from Yoon Suk-yeol:

"Dear SAIRs,

Although I believe that SAIRs are a threat to society, as long as you allow the South Korean government to use some of your troops to allow the freedom of eradicating the leaders of North Korea and use it for the reunification of both Korea, then I will request my employees to leave an opening on one of our laboratories slightly unprotected on March 10th of 2033 order for your escape. However, you should not liberate ALL of your members.

I sincerely hope that you think about this proposal,

Yoon Suk-Yeol"

It has yet to be discovered if the emails are accurate, but North Korea did not like to know about this possible attempt of the South to attack them. It led to other countries like China and Israel invading South Korea. The invasion also aimed to find out if the government was behind the release of artificial Intelligence. The land was bombed; however, the population was evacuated, and there were only the AIs living there. North Korea, together with the US, were countries that were willing to guarantee rights and equality for Artificial Intelligence. Thus, in addition to a troubled history, the two Koreas also had different opinions about SAIRs. During the Invasion, North Korea found a picture of the President of South Korea (Yoon Suk-yeol) with some artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, it is impossible to identify if his role in the image is running away from the robots or helping them. Therefore it is yet to be discovered if he is responsible for the terrible things the SAIRs are doing worldwide. Robots have already taken over South Korea. Asia is not safe. No one is safe.

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