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TBSRJ vs Graded: Battle of the Birds

Updated: May 19

The first Final Four futsal game commenced between The British School of Rio de Janeiro, who placed second at ISSL, and Graded, who placed first at Big Eight. While the Falcons placed second at ISSL for futsal, popular opinion claimed they were the best in the tournament and deserved first place. The atmosphere was tense as the first game in Nationals is technically a semi-final…

The Falcons started strong with the ball and, within only the first three minutes, 7 scored a goal (1x0). Giovanna is recognized as TBSRJ's best player and quickly made herself known against her opponent. What ensues after this can only be described as a battle for another point, with both goalkeepers saving several goals. 49, another player from TBSRJ, tore her ACL and was unable to play at the ISSL, but is back to play for Nationals.

Both teams continued like this, unable to score goals as they were in equal levels of defense. Both goalkeepers were standout members of the teams and demonstrated their skills throughout the first half. The large mass of red shirts in the audience, other Graded students, start cheering loudly to support their girls, but, sadly, their cheers cannot stop the force that is number 7 as she scores another goal within the last thirty seconds of the first half (2x0).

The Graded audience continued their strategy of cheering loudly to support their school. It looked like they would get their first goal, but, yet again, 7 was able to take the ball all the way from the Falcon’s goal right into the Eagles (3x0). As the game went on, it became clear that TBSRJ’s defense was impenetrable as no matter what the Eagles did, they were unable to obtain a goal. It was only until Nicole (10) scored a goal that it appeared like the tides could change (3x1). This goal seemed to motivate both Graded’s defense and offense as they were close to scoring goals and fending off the Falcons simultaneously.

With three minutes left on the clock, the Eagles worked tirelessly to tie the game; however, TBSRJ continued to prosper and scored another goal near the end of the match (4x1). While Graded ends in defeated spirits, TBSRJ will be given the chance to prove that they are the best team in Brazil, as was said by the general public at ISSL this season, within the finals.

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