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  • Larissa Ragonesi

Biden vs Xi Jinping

This was an article written during BRAMUN 2023 with the perspective of Kyodo News

During a discussion of forced child labor in the textile business, breaking news changed everything it was being discussed. Before, in China vs. USA discussion, the Chinese delegation couldn't pass any amendments or resolutions because of the minority of delegations supporting it. With the breaking news, this injustice might change, and China might finally be heard. It was published that "An explosive fire in an airbus factory in the USA has brutally suffocated 50,000 workers. Majority of which were younger than 15". CNN published an article claiming that the police had searched the factory. It was noted that "the factory exceeded capacity and let workers work in inhumane conditions without paying them a minimum salary. Many were found to be coerced by officials to work overtime. Records of emails between the American government and leaders of the company Airbus have revealed that the government was aware of this treatment and was helping cover it up to support their economy.". However, Bolivia, Italy, and Japan have backed the American Government, claiming this incident was an act performed by the Chinese state to deteriorate the image of the US. This event was followed by the attendance of the actual President of the United States, Joe Biden, and the honorable President of China, Xi Jinping, in the court.

During the discussions, Joe Biden repeatedly accused China of the factory incident supporting his argument with no evidence. The Republic of Italy, in the trial for defending the USA, pointed out that the probability of China having provoked this explosion and the death of children to expose child labor in the United States is high because of the large number of Chinese factories within American territory, and to minimize accusations of child labor within china. Since when do we rely upon and believe in probabilities? South Africa, on the other hand, while questioning the US, summarized and explained very well what was happening during the discussions with the presidents, "Why is it that the US always blames others for their mistakes, such as during the pandemic when after having a higher death rate than China, blamed China for the virus with congressmen saying that it came from a Wuhan lab? Why is it that the US can never be wrong, always blaming others?". The South Africa statement cites the example of the pandemic due to the coronavirus as one of the many times that the United States has blamed other countries instead of recognizing its mistakes. Joe Biden showed during the debate that they are far from understanding that they are not a perfect country. Therefore, Xi Jinping held firm to its accusations of hypocrisy by accusing China of child labor inside its factories when a factory in the United States exploded and killed thousands of children and teenagers under 15 years old. What were these kids doing inside the factory? Playing, studying, or doing any of the other things kids do? We, unfortunately, know that this is not what was happening. The house was divided into two contrasting groups, with high tensions.

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