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Bird Fight: Eagles vs. Hawks

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Finalizing today’s (12/2) games, the lady hawks’ soccer team face a defeat from Graded, 5x3. The first half was fully in favor of the Lady Hawks with Laura Calixto (11) scoring the first goal within the first 5 minutes of the game together with having amazing defense against the opposing team making a close call. Graded Eagles attempted two goals but were both stopped by goal keeper Bruna Gontijo and Marcela Borlido (4), demonstrating the persistence EABH hawks are capable of, pushing through the unbearably hot weather. The first half ended with EABH in the lead with 1 point!

Unlike the climate of the first half, it began to rain and the Eagles scored a goal tying the match. The game was flowing well throughout the rain despite it getting stronger, until the Eagles called to pause the game 22 minutes into the second half due to lighting. However, lightning was already seen earlier in the game and the school had only called for the halt during a strategic time frame. The team switched their goal keeper for their star player and after 20 minutes, urged the game to finish in penalties to break the tie. Although soccer protocol allows a game to migrate to penalties with at least 3 quarters of the game finished, the climate conditions could have allowed the teams to return to the remaining time of the match instead of moving directly into penalties.

The game resumed with penalties: the Eagles scored 5 goals and the Hawks made 3, subsequently resulting in the immediate dissolving of EABH’s 5th shot . Our school’s athletes endlessly showed their support for one another during the games as the boys cheered for each other despite their loss in EABH’s basketball match against EARJ, the American school of Rio de Janeiro prior to this match. The girls persisted through extreme hot conditions and pouring rain and suffering results of the Eagles’ undesirably beneficial advantage.

The Daily Hawk reporters reporting these games through articles and photos on-site at Graded are uploading all updates on the newspaper’s website! Make sure to check out the previous and future reports!

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